There are many designer wardrobes available in the market today.
The wardrobe design plays a huge role in your bedroom décor. Without a functional designer wardrobe to compliment your bedroom décor, your bedroom will feel incomplete. There are three basic designer wardrobes available in the market. One of them being the walk-in wardrobe, the epitome of luxury in any home owner’s books. But not everyone has the luxury of space in their homes, so these wardrobes are ideal only if you have a generous amount of space in your home. However, they are a dream come true, with their numerous open shelves and a designated space for all your clothes, shoes and accessories. Another designer wardrobe that has seen a spike in demand these days are the sliding wardrobes. These designer wardrobes work with the help of metal tracks that placed on the top and bottom of the shutters of the wardrobe. The shutters slide from one end to the other without using much space in the room. These are ideal for home owners who need to work with a confined space in their bedroom.

The last designer wardrobe we would like to talk about is the hinged wardrobe. These wardrobe designs have been there from the beginning of time and are traditional in style but have never lost their popularity. They can come in a variety of designs, styles and finishes and are customizable to suit your needs and lifestyle. The shutters of the hinged wardrobes are attached to the body of the wardrobe with hinges and hence the name hinged wardrobes. They give you a complete view of the contents inside as they open at a 90-degree angle. This allows easy storage of bulkier items either at the loft level or ground level and increases the available light inside the wardrobe. The Vanta wardrobe is the perfect designer wardrobe for a minimalist style bedroom. The doors are affixed with hidden hinges and have an inbuilt soft close mechanism. The main advantage of a soft close mechanism is that the door of the wardrobe closes quietly, however, they have more functional advantages.

The soft close hinges on this designer wardrobe reduces the level of wear and tear as they minimize the stress placed on the cabinet and the friction against hinges, which in turn increases the life of the wardrobe. This hinged wardrobe comes in a luxurious high gloss polylacquer finish. High gloss polylacquer finish is attained through curtain painting a pre-laminated MDF board with two coats of lacquered paint. These boards are then UV dried to attain a shine as seen in the Vanta wardrobe. The black colour of this designer Vanta wardrobe makes your bedroom décor look more attractive especially since it is a minimalist colour. The striking dark colour against the lighter grey colour wall makes this designer wardrobe stand out exceptionally. Alternating the black wardrobes with the white accent pieces like the rug or flooring creates a fresh monochromatic aesthetic. The Vanta wardrobe is truly a luxurious designer wardrobe that adds both beauty and functionality to your bedroom.

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