The wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture for all homes.
The bedroom cannot be complete without a wardrobe and today there are numerous designer wardrobes from which a home owner can choose. We all dream of designer wardrobes, but do you know what design that would suit your home the best? There are three different kind of designer wardrobes you can choose from and it is essential that you check the space available and your requirement before choosing one. A wardrobe needs to be easily accessible firstly, and considering they are going to be used every day, the material plays a big role on the durability of the wardrobe. Wardrobes are a long-term acquisition for your home, so it’s important that we make an informed decision before choosing your designer wardrobe. The wardrobe you choose should also be functional in the sense that it is able to cater to your needs and requirement in terms of space and it should blend in with the rest of your home décor. Modular wardrobes allow you the freedom of being dismantled in case you decide to move your home, so they are quickly becoming popular these days. The idea is to design a sturdy wardrobe, one that can hold all your clothes and look majestic in your home.

The most common designer wardrobe in the market is the hinged wardrobe. In a hinged wardrobe, the shutters open up directly in front. They are available in both handle and handle-less designs. Though they are a traditional design they come in a variety of sleek finishes that make them look spectacular in any home. This designer wardrobe has its doors or shutters attached to the body of the wardrobe by a hinge. One of the main advantages of these designer wardrobes are that they allow a full view of the content inside the wardrobe as they open outward in 90-degree angle. Another designer wardrobe that has hit the markets and are considered to be the epitome of chic are the walk-in wardrobes. They are an embodiment of luxury and are extremely functional. These wardrobes have a designated place for all your shoes, clothes, accessories and the like. These are ideal for all those of you who like to organize and love shopping!

The Toris wardrobe works on this sliding mechanism and is beauty in itself. The Würfel Toris wardrobe comes in a high gloss polylacquer finish that oozes elegance. Sliding wardrobes are a designer wardrobe that has fast become an integral part of modern interior design. These are the perfect wardrobe solution for smaller spaces. This contemporary wardrobe design is one that most home owners opt for these days. The sliding wardrobes have a door mechanism where the shutters slide from one side to the other with the help of metal tracks fixed on the top and bottom part of the wardrobe. For effective use of the space you have in your bedroom, a sliding wardrobe is the best choice and the Toris wardrobe is bound to add a luxurious element into any home!

You can get a free design quote by filling the form below or drop us an email at Würfel is India’s biggest modular kitchen and wardrobe brand in India with 37 showrooms across the country. It was also awarded the best modular kitchen brand by Times Business award consecutively for 2018, 2019 & 2020. Würfel was also awarded the most Innovative Kitchen award by India Kitchen Congress consecutively in the year of 2019 and 2020.

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