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Whether you choose to donate to charities supporting people living in poverty, advocating to protect the environment, helping animals in need, or addressing other global or local problems, charities need your help to continue their selfless initiatives. It can be easy to forget in today’s fast paced world to show gratitude for all that you’ve been given.
To say education is important is an understatement. Education improves one’s knowledge, skill set and has a direct impact on the chances of employment. Würfel Give India initiative helps reach out to underprivileged children and gives them a fighting chance to lead a better life. We at Würfel have taken up the responsibility to make a difference in their lives by making education a necessity rather than a privilege.

We would be delighted to have you be a part of this wonderful journey to positively shape the lives of those who need it. Starting at just Rs 250 you can help build their future in to a brighter one.

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