Earlier storing clothes was a very simple affair, with a bunch of drawers, a simple wardrobe and a few shelves, your requirement was met.
Today, people require wardrobes based on two factors, the functionality and aesthetic appeal. Aesthetics have become a very important element in designing a wardrobe for home owners today. Today, there are a wide array of finishes and materials one can choose from while designing their designer wardrobe. People say that the perfect wardrobes do not exist, but you can always design a wardrobe that you consider perfect. Individuals these days have a different outfit for different occasions and let’s not forget about that impressive shoe collection. A simple chest of drawers will not suffice in such cases. There are also different wardrobe styles they can choose from, like the hinged, sliding and walk-in wardrobes. One of the key points to be kept in mind while designing a wardrobe is to take advantage of the height of your room. The layout of your bedroom plays a key role in choosing the type of designer wardrobe you require.

The Rahmour wardrobe is a designer wardrobe that comes in a classy hinged door mechanism. The hinged door wardrobe is a classic design where the doors of the wardrobe are attached to the body of the wardrobe with hinges. Depending on the height of the shutter, the number of hinges installed may vary in order to support the door. This wardrobe design flaunts a beautiful amalgamation of white high gloss lacquer and laminate finish. The key advantage of the Rahmour wardrobe is that it even has loft units, meaning there are cabinet units that reach right up to the ceiling. These cabinets provide you with extra storage space and helps you make the best use of the vertical space in your bedroom.

The Rahmour wardrobe also has a set of five pull out drawers above which there is a cavity where you can place a mirror and it instantly becomes a dresser and the pull-out drawers act like a chest of drawers for all your things, from make-up to other everyday items. This wardrobe design is an exotic mix of white high gloss lacquer shutters that have a push to open door mechanism with yellow high gloss lacquer pull-out drawers that have external handles. The push to open doors add a seamless and classy finish to this wardrobe design. The Rahmour wardrobe also have spot lights in the laminate shelf. The right lighting can dramatically impact the functionality of a designer wardrobe. These spot lights add a touch of class to the wardrobe as a whole. The decorative panel on this designer wardrobe has a laminate finish that acts as an accent to the white high gloss lacquer of the shutters. This gives the wardrobe a polished and refined look as a whole.

As seen in the image, the Rahmour wardrobe is complimented by a side table that adds to the storage space. You can even place a shoe rack or a small side table to accentuate the look of this designer wardrobe.

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