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Ever dreamed of owning something out of a fairytale? We bring to you Würfel Küche’s Pulse Series! A dream come true for any home owner!
The Pulse Series that we have at the Würfel Küche store is the first of its kind in India. Owning a Pulse series is nothing short of magnificent! For the first time ever, in India, you get to experience a modular kitchen that illustrates pure elegance through the magic of glass and gems that come together to make this spectacular exemplar.

This modular kitchen design is one that has never been seen before and in India we are glad to be the first to have brought it to India to give you a taste of what aristocracy feels like! Mosaic art works were originally used in Vezantine area for Churches and other monuments. It is more artistic and connected to art. Mosaics are used for bathrooms and swimming pools, but our collection uses it for kitchens and wall cladding. So, in terms of colours and collections, Würfel Küche is the only brand in India currently offering this kind of variety and exclusivity.

The Pulse Series is a hundred percent Italian production that will take your breath away! The Vetrite glass comes in numerous colour variations making your modular kitchen a vibrant and joyous area to do anything, from preparing a meal or maybe having a glass of wine to just lounging around. The Pulse Series modular kitchen displayed in our showroom features a moving dado. The Pulse Series is the only kitchen series in Würfel Küche that have its skirting as well as hinges in a matt black lacquer finish.

The kitchen has a moving glass dado that has a storage space on the inside giving it a very polished look. There is a tall unit and refrigerator placed side by side that has a matt black lacquer finish making it easy for storage of perishable and non-perishable food items. The shelves you have around the storage unit and refrigerator have black tinted glass shutters, but allows you to see the trinkets you place inside them, be it crockery or plants. This is thanks to the LED strip lights and spot lights placed on the inside of the cabinets. The affect the spot lights have on the entire kitchens is remarkable. The benefit of decorating your modular kitchen with spotlights is that they are unobtrusive. Spot lights give a contemporary and fresh look to the kitchen.

The counter top in the modular kitchen also has a matt black lacquer finish and as you can see there is no obtrusions to create any hindrance to your cooking. No modular kitchen is complete without the built-in appliances. Built-in appliances give a sleek and sophisticated look to your modular kitchen. With a built-in microwave and oven, you’ll always have a lot of counter space as well as the look of sophistication. In-built appliances are considered mandatory for modular kitchens these days as they make life more comfortable and easier in todays frenzied schedules of a family. The countertop has an electric hob that personifies the sleek appearance of the modular kitchen. Another added bonus would be the fact that the countertop also acts as a social space to pull up a few bar stools and entertain your guests while you prepare a meal.

All this creates a one of a kind ambience allowing you to be one of the elite! So be sure to check out our Pulse Series because we are sure that you would never have seen one like it!

If cooking is an art, isn’t it a good idea to surround the art studio called the kitchen with creativity. The Würfel Art Form Series inspires you to add a touch of art to this humble space in the home. This exclusive kitchen series allows you to have a personal touch and reflects the personality of the entire family and not just one person. Kitchens are usually packed with gadgets and wall space is usually sparse. The Würfel Art Form Series allows you to digitally print art work on the shutters of your cabinets. It gives your artwork its due, as it is positioned on the shutters which are usually to focal point of a kitchen as it’s closer to the interaction area like the breakfast table or work island. This is an extremely innovative way of adding art to your kitchen. It helps you reflect your taste in art through your kitchen.

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