You can organize your living space, kitchen and most parts of your house easily.
When it comes to your wardrobe, this becomes challenging depending on the wardrobe space and how it has been designed. Everyone has their unique needs, you might like to storeyour shoes in the wardrobe while someone else would prefer to keep their shoes outside. Some might like to have more hanger space for suits or shirts, while some might prefer folding clothes and placing them on a shelf. You might like your wardrobe closedwith a shutter or you might prefer the luxury of having an open wardrobe. Whateverthe case may be, your wardrobe needs to be created to suit your lifestyle in order to make organization of your wardrobe easier and convenient.In this article, you get to know more about the open wardrobe design and how it can help in deciding if this type of wardrobe suits your personality and lifestyle.

Why Opera wardrobe?
The Operawardrobe is an open wardrobe, makingit very easy to view and locate clothes, accessories and shoes which makes it an ideal wardrobe design for a person who is usually short on time, unlike sliding door wardrobes or mirrored wardrobesIf you have your wardrobe open, getting ready becomes faster and easier.

How is the Opera open wardrobe made?

There are different types wardrobes -Wooden wardrobes, Sliding door wardrobes, Mirrored wardrobes.

In the case of open wardrobes, you can have rodsto hang clothes fixedon a wall, an aluminum framefixed to the wallto support shelves and drawers or a huge wardrobe coveringall walls without doors.Depending on the level of design elements you require, they’re all convenient.

In this article, we will discuss more about the type of open wardrobe which covers all walls without shutters.

This type of open wardrobe speaks of complete luxury. The finish used on thisopen wardrobe is a laminatewith a wooden texture print. The laminate sheet is made by pressing multiple layers of resins and flat papermaking it completely water proof. The laminate sheet is then pressed on to a high-density water resistant particle board which makes it durable.

The open wardrobe is from floor to ceiling and covers all three sides of the room, which makes it easier to organize and pick out clothes at your convenience. This wardrobe is split into two parts, left part is “his”and the right part is “hers.”Starting from the left part of the wardrobe, the bottom space can be used to store briefcases, shoes or even golf clubs. Above the storage space below, we have all handless drawers which can be used to store inner wears, accessories or can even act a safe for your more precious jewels. Above the drawers, we have a huge L-shaped hanging space for suits and shirts. The loftspace at the top is divided into two parts for storage of luggage.

The center section of the center part can be used as a hanger space for long dresses and storage for shoes at the bottom.Similar to the “his” part, the “hers” part replicates the same design with storage space for boxes or shoes at the bottom, drawers, hanger space and loft at the top.The hanger spaces have been equipped with spot lights to help find clothes faster and this also gives a grand look to the wardrobe.If you have enough space for the wardrobe, you can add an island drawer in the center to store accessories, jewels etc. This not only gives you extra storage space but also gives a grand look to the open wardrobe.

The truth about having an open wardrobe like this is, you need to have enough space specifically for the wardrobe. Organizingand selecting clothes from this type ofwardrobe makes life easier.Sliding wardrobes are great as well, but there’s always a blind spot that can’t be accessed while having both the doors open. Mirrored wardrobes add grandeur to a room but are not easy to maintain, especially if you have kids. The benefit of mirrored wardrobes is that it adds space to a room making it bigger than its actual size.
Let us the know the type of wardrobe you like and we can customize it to suit your needs. You can get a free design quote by filling the form below or drop us an email at Würfel is India’s biggest modular kitchen and wardrobe brand in India with 37 showrooms across the country. It was also awarded the best modular kitchen brand by Times Business award consecutively for 2018, 2019 & 2020. Würfel was also awarded the most Innovative Kitchen award by India Kitchen Congress consecutively in the year of 2019 and 2020.

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