You can have different styles of wardrobes, depending on the space you have available.
Hinged wardrobes are more commonly used because they’re more economical. Sliding door wardrobes comes next but the cost of a sliding door wardrobe varies depending on the kind of sliding mechanism you like. Do you want to see the sliding channels in front of the wardrobe or do you want them recessed where they are not visible on the shutter? This depends on how you view things aesthetically. If you have a sliding channel visible on the door, it’s more likely that the price will be on the lower side. Whereas, if you want the sliding channel to be recessed and not visible on the shutter, the price might be on the higher side. Either way you look at it, sliding wardrobes are the best option if you have limited space in the bedroom. If you have limited space, adding a sliding mirrored wardrobe will create an illusion to make your bedroom space look bigger. However, this will not be the case with a wooden wardrobe. Wooden wardrobes look retro and if you have a small space, it could look congested.

In this article, we’re going to look into the Mezo Wardrobe. The Mezo wardrobe is a simple yet elegant looking wardrobe. The wardrobe is 8 feet in width and has two 4 feet shutters. The gloss white finish highlights the grey unique design. The doors are covered with brushed aluminum profiles which act as handles to open and close the sliding door wardrobe. Imagine a wooden wardrobe in this space, the bedroom changes completely into a more retro look. On the other hand, adding a mirrored wardrobe in place of the Mezo, will make this whole space look bigger.

The white finish is a high gloss polylacquer. The base material of the polylacquer is a medium density fiber board, which is an engineered wood product. This is made by breaking down hard or soft wood leftovers into wood fibers which are then combined with resin binders, forming them into panels by the application of high temperature and pressure. This not only makes the MDF board eco-friendly, but also very dense and strong. The MDF board is then covered with a laminate sheet which is made by pressing multiple layers of sheets and resins together to get a single sheet making the surface of the laminate water resistant. After the process of lamination, a coat of clear lacquer is applied to the front part of the laminate board by the process of curtain painting. This gives the board a high gloss finish without any sort of waves on the surface. The grey part of the wardrobe is a plain laminate finish. As mentioned above, this laminate is made using multiple layers of kraft papers, which are then processed with resins to give a water-resistant surface. The laminate is eco-friendlier compared to the wooden wardrobe.

These two finishes are merged together at different parts to create a unique design on the shutter. If a mirrored wardrobe interests you, then you can only have a single shutter as a complete mirror but not merged with a board. After both finishes are merged, profiles are then added to the shutters which act as handles to open or close.

For sliding door wardrobes, using external handles is not recommended as it might cause difficulty while opening or closing the shutters. The Mezo wardrobe uses a brushed aluminum profile for each shutter. The brushed aluminum profiles have an attractive satin finish. This is achieved by the brushing of extruded aluminum and then anodizing to give the metal surface a unique look. This type of handle profile is not recommended on a mirrored wardrobe as it might not be durable.

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