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The Parthenon is one of Würfel Küche’s most iconic modular kitchen designs.
Ever been intrigued or influenced by Greek architecture? This modular kitchen design, rightly named after the famous Greek Monument is the epitome of beauty and grandeur. It adds a splash of Greece to an Indian home. This fusion will leave anyone who lays their eyes on it dumbfound!

The modular kitchen was inspired by the Italian Renaissance, with its polished surface and the soft tones of white. There is no one you wouldn’t be able to impress with this monolith of a modular kitchen! The Parthenon modular kitchen comes in an island kitchen design meaning a freestanding piece of cabinetry that is placed in a kitchen to supplement the countertop space. It gives a contemporary style and modern touch to your home! The added counter space is one of the main reasons people install them. The advantage of adding an island is that it can be equipped with electricity, and often other convenience appliances such as a food prep sink or additional stove top.

The Parthenon modular kitchen uses Satvario stone for the shutters and the countertop. The shutters are hinged, making it easy to access and is durable as well. The hanging tall units offers great storage space, and can be fitted with shelving, drawers, and integrated appliances such as an oven or microwave, helping you to organize your essentials while maximizing on space. The vertical design will make your room look taller, enhancing the overall atmosphere in your modular kitchen. There’s now a whole host of appliances we need to find room for in our modular kitchens, from several different types of ovens to refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers and even coffee machines. Integrated appliances giving a sleeker, more modern feel, and while integrating into cabinetry won’t necessarily help you to cram loads more in, it will certainly give the space a much less cluttered feel. This is particularly useful in smaller modular kitchens when every inch of cupboard space counts and in open-plan rooms where the kitchen is on show constantly. Very prominently seen in the Parthenon is the glass hob which adds to the seamlessness of the kitchen. Built-in-hobs, aesthetically make a great statement to your kitchen and home!

The countertop is split into two levels, ergonomically placed to enhance the cooking experience. It envisions a full marble modular kitchen in stone with a matt lacquer finish giving it a look of royalty! The perk of having a stone white stone modular kitchen is that it helps you play around with colours. You can either leave it with the solid colour tone white or add splashes of colour with decorative pieces or furniture or even plants to add more life to the modular kitchen!

So, envision yourself owning this monolith of a modular kitchen, feel like a Greek God or Goddess yet? Come on over and find out for yourself at the Würfel Küche showroom near you!

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