When you think about designing your wardrobe, there are several factors which come into play. What style of wardrobe should it be?
The A hinged, a Sliding door wardrobe, a Mirrored wardrobe or a Wooden wardrobe? Do you have a color or theme for your bedroom? Do you have enough space for a big wardrobe? Designing the perfect wardrobe in a limited space is essential to keep the contents of your wardrobe organized. A wardrobe is not just a storage space but it’s a reflection of your lifestyle.

In this article, we’re going to discuss about the Chiaro wardrobe. The Chiaro wardrobe is special because it utilizes the corner space efficiently. Corners present a challenge when you’re making a wardrobe for your bedroom and are usually wasted spaces. This becomes even more difficult if you have a small room. A corner wardrobe maximizes your storage space and gives you complete access to the corner of your wardrobe. The corner for the Chiaro wardrobe is recessed, allowing both doors outward. The corner can either be equipped with hanger space, shelves or a mix of both. Corner wardrobes can be made in different styles, if mirrored wardrobes, wooden wardrobes are your preference, it’s best to get the designs done by professionals.

The finishes used for the Chiaro wardrobe is a mix of blue Nano and a textured laminate finish. The base material for the Nano finish is a high-density water resistant particle board. The surface is covered with a special laminate sheet which contains nano particles. Once scratched on the surface, these nano particles can bond back together, removing the scratch on the surface, essentially healing itself. The healing process works when steam at a high temperature is applied directly to the scratched surface. The particles interact with the heat and bonds back together removing any scratch from the surface. This finish can also be used on a sliding door wardrobe. This is a unique finish and would be a good option if you have little kids in the house.

The second is a textured laminate finish used for the open shelves. The laminate sheet is made by pressing multiple layers of resins and flat paper making it completely water proof. The laminate sheet is then pressed on to a high-density water resistant particle board which makes it durable. Using textured laminate boards is a growing trend in the furniture industry as more people begin to move towards an eco-friendlier environment. The board is made up of saw mill shavings, resins, wood chips and glue which make the board really strong. Although this isn’t solid wood, the look and feel makes it better than wooden wardrobes. The open shelves for the Chairo wardrobe breaks the monotony and gives a different tone to the aesthetics of the wardrobe. These shelves can be used to store clothes, accessories or shoes which helps you get ready faster when compared to a sliding door wardrobe or mirrored wardrobe.

Slick long brushed aluminum handles are used to give this wardrobe a contemporary look and feel. Not only are these handles slick but are also easy to open as the handles are connected to the lower part of the shutter. The finish for the handle is brushed aluminum which is easily affordable. External handles can be used on hinged wardrobes, wooden wardrobes but not sliding door wardrobes or mirrored wardrobes.

In conclusion, corner wardrobes work the best when you want to utilize more space in your bedroom.

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