Hinged wardrobes are versatile and can suit all types of homes.
The two major advantages of a hinged wardrobe are that you have more visibility to the interior of your wardrobe when compared to a sliding door wardrobe. Once the doors are open, you can see the entire content of your wardrobe at ease unlike sliding door wardrobes. The second being, once the hinged doors are closed, the wardrobe blends well into your bedroom space, making your bedroom look neat and tidy. If you have less space in your bedroom, a sliding door wardrobes works better than the hinged door wardrobe.

Most regular wardrobes have hinged shutters, this is the most conventional and economical type of wardrobe then comes the sliding door wardrobes. Hinged shutters can be made to look contemporary or classical depending on your taste.

In this article, we’re going to discuss The Bastille hinged wardrobe. The Bastille, a French medieval fortress on the east side of Paris which later in the 18th century became a French state prison, was a place for detention of people charged with offenses. With 8 towers, 100 feet in height, the Bastille dominated Paris. This hinged wardrobe has 8 huge hinged shutters which makes its presence felt in the bedroom making it akin to the Bastille.

The wardrobe has a combination of four laminate shutters with wood texture and four plain mirror shutters. The laminate sheet is made by pressing multiple layers of resins and flat paper making it completely water proof. The laminate sheet is then pressed on to a high-density water resistant particle board which makes it durable. Using textured laminate boards is a growing trend in the furniture industry as more people begin to move towards an eco-friendlier environment and less towards wooden wardrobes as these wooden wardrobes are not eco-friendly. The laminate board is made up of saw mill shavings, resins, wood chips and glue which make the board really strong. Although this isn’t solid wood, the look and feel makes it better than wooden wardrobes.

Mirrored Wardrobe:
The plain mirrored wardrobe on the other hand is pasted on a board using PUR glue technology making this combination a fusion of classic and contemporary look. PUR glue technology, which is also called reactive hot melts, is one part formation that combines the speed of the hot melt adhesive with the strength of the structural adhesive to form a strong bond between the mirror and the board. The PUR glue technology is used throughout the wardrobe which makes it long-lasting. This gives the plain mirrored wardrobe a long-lasting life to match with the laminate shutters.

This 15-foot wardrobe is divided into two sections. The section on the left has two openings with four shutters. The laminate shutter is equipped with a slick long handle which blends into the wardrobe effortlessly. This not only makes it easier to open the shutter but also gives an aesthetic look to the wardrobe. The shutter with the plain mirrored wardrobe is handless and you can open this shutter only when the laminate door is open. The same design is replicated on the right section of the wardrobe. These kinds of wardrobes can be made to any possible widths due to it being modular. Each panel (Including vertical and shelves) of the wardrobe can be removed if there is any damage without having to dismantle the entire wardrobe.

This bedroom space is a perfect match for the wardrobe. The light grey walls and dark grey skirting sit perfectly in the background which amplify the rest of the interiors in the bedroom. Wooden flooring and the white wool carpet gives richness to the room.

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