Kitchen designs are ever changing, hence in order to keep up with today’s trends, one should be well versed in what’s in and what’s out. Kitchens designed these days are no longer confined to the four walls of a room in the house. The latest modular kitchen designs are designed to be more than a place to cook, it has become a space where families and friends can bond and share memories! Kitchens are designed to make people want to spend more time in them. With simple additions like a breakfast counter or an island with bar stools, you can make a world of a change to your kitchen.

In today’s fast paced times, kitchens have to be multifaceted to keep up with the home owner’s lifestyle. The latest modular kitchens are designed in a way to accomplish just this! They come with contemporary finishes, inbuilt appliances, smart technologies and smart storage solutions, all of which makes the home owners life simpler and more efficient.

The latest modular kitchen designs have truly made the modern kitchen a movable, working element in one’s home! Here are a few trends that are really working their way into 2021.

1. Minimalism: Less is more

Minimalism is a fast-growing trend today and the latest modular kitchen designs have rightly incorporated this style. With no clutter and better storage facility, home owners love the clean and crisp look of their kitchens.

2. Smart kitchens: Technology in Cooking

Technology has literally taken over every aspect of our lives these days and it is no different for the kitchen. Smart phones and smart cars are a thing of the past! The latest modular kitchen designs bring to your home, smart kitchens! Smart kitchens basically refer to when your kitchen appliances are connected to the Internet of things through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. An example of a smart kitchen is where fridges automatically detect the food you have and gives you storage suggestions. Wireless chargers on kitchen countertops, another example would be the automatic sensing of dishwashers and washing machines where they suggest the optimal settings for your load to ensure an efficient wash. These enhancements have made the life of every working individual easier and more functional.

3. Modern finishes and materials : It’s all in the looks.

The materials and finishes used in today’s latest modular kitchen designs are a far cry from the older kitchen designs. The latest modular kitchen designs concentrate on more visually appealing finishes that are durable as well as easy to maintain. The latest modular kitchen designs are no longer using marble or granite for countertops. Though they seem classy, they are expensive and hard to maintain. Trending now are quartz countertops that are just as beautiful but considerably less expensive as compared to marble. Since they are non-porous, they are easy to maintain as well.

4. Colour : What’s your pick?

Remember the times everyone chose to opt for the classic white kitchen? Well, as much as everyone loves the idea of a white kitchen, today, people are opting to go for a much more cozy and comfy setting when it comes to their kitchen. The latest modular kitchen designs see the use of dual toned cabinets, natural wood tones and even pops of colour!

5. Decorative Dado Units : Spice up your kitchen

Subway tiles used to be a common sight in most kitchens earlier, especially on the backsplash or dados. The latest modular kitchen designs have abandoned this outdated concept. Kitchen designs these days use more of geometric or decorative tiles, coloured tiles as well to add a little oomph to the kitchen space!


With a crunch for space, many young professionals and couples are opting for small homes which mean, smaller kitchens. But fear not, there are plenty of trends available even when it comes to small modular kitchen designs.

1. Hardware : Handle with care.

Earlier, kitchen cabinets had handles to open the cabinetry or drawers. With the evolution of kitchens, the opening and closing mechanisms for cabinets and drawers have evolved too. These days, mechanisms like push to open or Gola type handles that don’t involve an external handle have fast become a trend in small modular kitchen designs. Soft touch cabinets have become extremely popular in small modular kitchen designs as it avoids accidents of bumping into an external handle or knob in a small space. Even integrated handles have taken their place in lacquered cabinets that make the kitchens look seamless.

2. Lighting : What’s off and on.

Industrial lighting has become an outdated concept, especially in small modular kitchen designs. They tend to make the place feel stuffier and constricted. Pendant lights have gained popularity in this day and age and allows smaller kitchen spaces to breathe and feel warmer unlike the cold feel of an industrial light.

3. Layout : Open kitchens add space & volume to a compact area.

Some of the latest modular kitchen designs choose to have open kitchens, meaning the kitchen area is integrated with the adjacent rooms in the house, usually the living or dining room. In small modular kitchen designs, an open kitchen would make a world of a difference, making it feel more spacious and free flowing.

The incorporation of space efficiency has become a fundamental point in the latest modular kitchen designs. Small modular kitchen designs these days try to make use of every inch of space available with smart storage solutions.

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