We at Würfel take your safety as our utmost concern in the current situation. The world is facing humanity’s biggest crisis since World War II and COVID-19 has affected almost every country in a devastating way. Drastic measures have to be taken to help ensure the safety of our nation. To tackle the Coronavirus pandemic, we at Würfel have undertaken extreme precautions to prevent and control the spread of this calamity both in our studios as well as our production and warehouse facilities.

In our studios, first and foremost, we ensure that a digital temperature check is conducted at the entrance. This is not only for our staff members but also for all who enter into our studios. Anyone with a temperature of above 37 degrees is not allowed to enter the premises. It has been mandatory that all Würfel employees have the Arogya Setu app on their phones and send a screenshot (after completing the self-assessment on the app) to their seniors before arriving at work and after reaching home. Anyone who is not marked safe will immediately be asked to stay back home. It has become second nature to all our employees to wash their hands periodically with soap for no less than twenty seconds.


Social distancing is practiced between all showroom staff amongst themselves as well as the customers. A minimum of two meters’ distance is maintained between all employees at all times, be it even during a lunch break or while travelling. All employees ensure that they wear masks and sanitize regularly. They are also made to wear gloves, so there is no physical contact with the products. The same goes for our customers who visit the showroom. ULV fog machines are used to disinfect all the products displayed round the clock ensuring that there is no room for even the slightest possibility of any contamination.



At our production and warehouse facilities, we use the same ULV fog machines to disinfect all our boards and other materials used in our products. Social distancing is maintained from the gate onwards along with a digital check of every employee’s temperature. It has been mandatory for all our factory employees to have the Arogya Setu app. Sanitization of hands has become an involuntary action for all employees entering the premises! Even while operating the machinery, we ensure that social distancing is followed. Masks and gloves have become a code of uniform for Würfel employees. No employees are allowed to work on any machinery or product materials without gloves or masks. Even after the packaging is completed, it is sanitized and kept aside for a time period of 48 hours before dispatch to ensure our high standards of safety.


Your health is our priority. There is no safer environment for you to entrust your choice of products to be manufactured in!


You can visit our closest studio at https://www.wurfel.in/studio-locator-2-0/

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