Your bedroom is your comfort place, plus your day starts and ends in it. So, keeping it organized isn’t a choice but a need. A well-organized, decluttered bedroom can save your time on a busy, chaotic weekday morning as well as can ease you down after a long-tiring, bitter evening. A cluttered, disorganized bedroom can kill your relaxation and can upset your everyday routine. But, an organized and neat bedroom is a definition of serenity, class, and style. And that’s why, you certainly have to work a bit hard to get yourself an appealing bedroom. If questions like how to organize your room, or specifically, how to organize your bedroom always manages to top your search then it’s time to find a permanent solution.

Start decluttering your bedroom today and if find yourself stuck somewhere, follow these easy organizing tips that will come handy.

Wardrobe cleanse



An organized wardrobe is the heart of a well-kept bedroom. Start by discarding pieces that do not belong in your wardrobe. You can also adopt the ‘one in, one out’ method where every time you buy something new, make sure to discard something old that you don’t use anymore. This will provide more space for new things and will help your wardrobe get a spacious look. Invest on organizing racks and boxes to fit your extra accessories and clothing.

Make your bed


bedroom makeover


What is a bedroom without a cozy bed? Avoid piling everything up on your bed or side chair. Have a habit of keeping back things to their assigned place, once you’re done using them. Pillows may give your bed a royal look, but too many of them will surely ruin your comfort. Spend a few extra seconds on straightening those sheets, and fold off your comforter. Go for a and soft mattress and coordinate it with a light pastel bed sheet.

Utilize every corner and inch


utilizing corner spaces


Extra storage is always an add on and creating that extra storage is no big deal. You can always target those empty under-bed areas, or you can work the space above your wardrobe or the wall shelves that never go out of trend. When creating extra storage, remember the idea is to make your room big and spacious and not packed and cluttered. You also have to work on keeping the storage drawers and cabinets clean. Use a garbage bin to collect your everyday room trash.

Wall arts and many more


arts in your bedroom


You can never go wrong with a Hussain or Picasso or literally any art. Art adds a unique tone and texture to your room, giving your room its own story and voice. Toss a few bright paintings or hang a beautiful patterned rug to highlight those walls. Go extremely wise and easy on your bedroom wall color. Your bedroom color must light up your mood and not make you depressed.

Manage and organize the drawers


arranging your drawer


Clean your drawers and try to keep it clutter-free. Have separate sections for your shoes, accessories, seasonal clothes, and extra blankets. Use drawer dividers to create sections and to store things in a more orderly way. Try to sort items by category, this will help you spot things on time. Overflowing drawers are a big no, so avoid stuffing to create extra space.


Here’s what a few of our homeowners have asked us.


Where do I position my bed?


positioning your bed


While placing your bed, always remember to never place it directly in line with the door. Also, make sure your bed doesn’t occupy your whole bedroom. You must have enough space to walk and store other bedroom essentials.

How do I organize my small bedroom?


organising small bedroom


The best and effective way to organize your room is to declutter. Things which are old and not required need an exit. Create extra storage, keep things in their assigned position when done using them, and quit the habit of piling things up in one particular area. Try maximizing your wardrobe space, keep things off the room floor, and deep vacuum your curtains and windows.


How do I extend my wardrobe space?


wardrobe space


First thing’s first, get rid of any extra, old, and not used garment or accessory that you don’t need anymore. Create sections and then accordingly place the items. Use hangers, they can make your work easy and can save you a lot space. Always remember to fold your clothes neatly before placing them in the wardrobe.


How can I decorate my bedroom yet make it look simple?


how to decorate your bedroom


Making your room look classy yet simple is the new trend. One essential decorative jewel of any room is its color. Paint your bedroom walls in a way that it should instantly send you a positive vibe. You can also create a gallery wall by placing pictures of your best memories. Hang a couple of bright paintings to rock that pale wall. And, never underestimate the magic of curtains. Try to coordinate your bed, wall, wardrobe, and curtains, they should leave an impression.


What are the best plants for a bedroom?


bedroom plants

Definitely, indoor plants are a blessing! They help you change the atmosphere of the room, bring positivity, and make your room a better place to breath by purifying the air. Plants like Peace Lilies, Aloe Vera, Rubber Fig, Pothos or maybe a Dracaena make perfect roomies. These plants will help you calm down and will also enhance your night sleep. You can install indoor plants anywhere in your house. In fact, placing greens will completely change your housing experience. They will make you feel lively, fresh and calm.


Which tip helped you get your perfectly organized bedroom? Let us know in the comment section below and stay updated for further housing hacks.

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