Vastu for toilets and bathrooms deserve special attention. This is one area of the house which can generate maximum energy and thus needs to be planned very carefully.

Toilets are an activity of disposal. We use them to flush out the waste matter. Thus, their correct placement is extremely important.

Gone are the times where the toilets were located outside the house to avoid any negativity coming in. With the increase in flats and apartments, there is only limited space available wherein you can place the toilets.

Therefore, you must design them in the correct directions to avoid any negative energies coming in.

Let’s look at the ideal placements for toilets and bathrooms:


East of North East [Only for Bathing Area]



This is an excellent spot to build a bathroom (only bathing area and not a commode). The energies of this zone make one feel refreshed and rejuvenated. And bathing is one of the best forms to feel fresh and energetic. Thus, a bathing area is ideal here.

Pouring water on our bodies activates the Swadishthana chakra (representing the water element). Our mental state changes after bathing and we have a new surge of energies. And if the internal energies get support from the external environment, the results are magnified. And the energies of this zone help us in achieving exactly that.


East of South East

The East of South East is a good place to position the toilet. The energies of this zone are extremely favorable and conducive to the process of flushing out waste matter.

A toilet placed here reduces the excessive churning of the mind and limits the over analytical tendencies of the residents. It also removes problems related to anxiety and panic attacks.


South of South West

This is perhaps the best place to position a toilet. Being the zone of disposal- the energies of this area are inherently capable to dispose off all the wasteful stuff form our lives. Be it human waste, emotional or mental waste or useless relationships – this is the best zone to dispose off whatever is useless for us.

Thus, making a toilet here is highly conducive to the overall Vastu energies of the plot.


West of North West



As per the ancient texts on Vastu, this is the area which is responsible to release all blocked emotions in our minds. Thus, the texts advise to make a ‘Rodan Graha’ or a place to cry and release out all blocked emotions.

Making a toilet here is also advisable. Doing so will help the residents to release and remove all blocked emotions in their minds and hearts.

The release of negative emotions from the system relaxes both the mind and the heart. And thereafter, the physical body follows and becomes disease free.


Here are few Tips With Do’s and Don’ts

  • Strictly avoid placing a toilet seat in the North East or South West corner.
  • A toilet in the center of the house or the Brahmasthan is a strict no.
  • The flow of water in the bathroom should be from South to North or from West to East. In other words, the toilet floor should be sloping towards the North or East.
  • Always place the WC or commode on a slightly higher platform than the rest of the floor level.
  • Never place a toilet next to the pooja room as per Vastu Shastra.
  • Strictly avoid placing a toilet directly above or below the pooja room.
  • Place the toilet window in the East or North West direction.


It is believed that living in compliance with Vastu will ensure that you lead a healthy, happy and prosperous life. If there are Vastu defects in the bathrooms and toilets, it will have severe repercussions that are related to health and finance. Vastu is practical science, and there are ways of eliminating or moderating these defects to ensure better compliance. Good luck in turning your home into a peaceful and happy place!

Let us know in the comment section below what kind of aesthetics or Vastu you follow for your bathroom in your home.

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