A bathroom vanity can be defined as the combination of the bathroom sink or basin and the storage that surrounds it. It is generally thought of as being a piece of bathroom cabinetry that is designed to hold the sink and conceal the associated plumbing as well as providing much needed storage. Generally, vanities can accomplish two goals in a bathroom, which is to provide storage and to hide the plumbing. 

A well-sized and properly positioned vanity can make or break a bathroom’s look, feel and functionality. Some of the key factors while choosing vanities for your powder room or bathroom are the style and aesthetic preferences, material used for making the vanity, countertop material, the number of sinks on it and the storage space you require. The pieces of vanity you choose should always compliment the existing home décor.

A sink is the most important vanity of your bathroom thus choosing the right one will need some decision-making. A sink is a center or focal point of your bathroom and it is the first thing anyone notices when they enter the room. So, it is important to choose one that is both appealing to the eyes and provides functionality.

The material used for your countertop is very important to keep in mind while choosing your vanity piece. The countertop come in contact with a lot of things like cosmetics, toothpaste, shaving cream, hygiene products, hairdryers and curling irons. So, it’s important that you choose a material that can withstand all the damage these products can do. A well-designed bathroom is an organized bathroom, so it’s important to identify the products that you may use on a daily basis and segregate them on the basis of the frequency of use. This will help you identify those that needs to be stored inside and outside of the vanity cabinet.

Once you’ve decided on your ideal vanity size, you should confirm that you have enough clearance around any opening doors, shower stalls, and drawers. There’s nothing worse than installing a fancy new vanity and not being able to open the bathroom door all the way or having the drawers stick out awkwardly.

Determine your sink size and the number of sinks you want on it. Many people choose to keep two sinks, based on the number of people using the bathroom. It makes it easier when both the adults in the family are working and have similar time lines to leave for work to avoid wasting time. The most stylish design trend is to infuse each bath with its own personality.

Vanities no longer have to blend into the background in today’s trend. If you love vibrant color, go ahead and choose a painted vanity or one fashioned from bright laminate. Wall mounted vanities are currently trending. 

Once you have a firm idea of what kind of look you’re after, how much room you have and where you want to install the vanity, you need to think about what particular style of vanity you would like which is the final step in choosing your vanity piece! You can opt for one that suits your home décor or go for something totally different based on your personal style and personality.