Mirrors make a room look flamboyant and serve many functions as well. They are not just practical but used as a décor for many homes. Decorative mirrors with ornate carvings make great accent pieces in any room. You can also use them to hide imperfections such as paint discolouration or peeling.

Basically, mirrors give your home and extra oomph factor that it needs. They have also been associated with good health and luck. Mirrors can help enlarge the look of a room or enhance the lighting of a space.

If you can’t find the perfect painting to hang on a wall in a bedroom, use an elegant mirror with a beautifully carved frame to change the look of the room. A wall mirror can be used in the dining room, living room or even above fireplace.

When it is difficult to find the perfect accent piece, you can use wall mirrors of different sizes and shapes to create an artistic feature that is eye-catching. You can give a new look to your hallway or a large wall by putting a large wall mirror on it. It is elusive in nature and gives a spacious look to your room.

Antique mirrors are another beautiful type of mirror that can be used as an accent piece in your home. Transform time and space with a vintage look and feel with these distinctive antique mirrors. Using silvering techniques that have been passed down for generations, these handcrafted mirrors have an artistic finish that makes each piece unique.

They are the ideal alternative to clear mirrors as each pattern offers a visual elegance of times past. They are perfect for furniture accents. The trick is always based on a careful balance in placing the right kind of furniture to aid in that effect.

If you’re more of the type who wants a full length mirror more functional rather than purely decorative, try leaning a wall mirror against an empty wall in your living room which instantly makes it a floor mirror. Generally, a casual lean is preferable to hanging a floor mirror at this lower height on the wall, which can sometimes feel a touch out of place in a living room.

An artfully-leaned mirror imparts a sense of natural, come-undone elegance. Layering a leaning floor mirror with a bench or case piece in front also helps to make the scene feel intentional rather than like you’re temporarily using your living room for mirror storage. Floor standing mirrors are virtually all rectangular in shape. Usually they are found with frames made from wood in a variety of different stains and finishes.

White standing mirrors along with black are extremely popular as they can easily match most décor. They also can be a very simple way to make a room appear bigger than it really is as they reflect more light due to their larger surface area.

Mirrors are a necessary accessory in every home. A full-length dressing mirror can serve dual functions by being a functional and a decorative piece. Most people like to use dressing tables in combination with a large mirror in order to make the room appear larger and more spacious and airy.

This helps when the room is small and filled with robust furniture and amenities. Your dressing table needs something large on the wall to provide a visual balance.

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