Until a few decades ago, a wardrobe was a fixed closet area meant for storing or hanging clothes and it did just that. However with changing times and shrinking spaces, modern wardrobes have gained popularity because of the utility and convenience. Just like a bedroom is no more a space to just sleep (a typical modern day bedroom also consists of a nightstand, mirrors, lamps, study table among other things), a wardrobe is also not just a storage space anymore. While the internal layout of the wardrobe is ever evolving, the exterior of a wardrobe is equally important today, as they add to the aesthetics of the bedroom. Modern wardrobes are designed keeping in mind the decor of the room. A wardrobe, pleasing to the eye is as important as wardrobe providing utility. Hence, the role of a wardrobe has shifted from being just a storage space to playing a prominent role in the design of a bedroom.

Wardrobes from Würfel:

Würfel designs completely customized wardrobes, customizable not just in size but to the need of your lifestyle. Würfel wardrobes are screw free and all joints are made out of metal support, increasing the life and durability of the product. It’s highly modular to the panel level and hence can be installed, uninstalled and moved with lot of easy. High end fabric friendly interior ensures long life of the clothes. Considering these factors, Würfel offers three types of wardrobes:

Hinge Wardrobe:

A hinged door wardrobe is a perfect choice for rooms with big spaces and it allows maximum accessibility to the wardrobe. Benefits: Largest choice of sizes, less expensive compared to Sliding Wardrobe & Walk-In Wardrobe and also the most stable form of a wardrobe.

Sliding Wardrobe:

  A sliding wardrobe is ideal for limited spaces, since it is sliding, the doors open horizontally. Sliding wardrobe also allows bigger inner space with lesser vertical support. Our sliding door mechanisms allow a smooth movement with soft close shutters which prevent accidental damage and increases the life of the wardrobe. Benefits: Less space required, looks stylish and modern.

Walk In Wardrobe:

The Walk-in Wardrobe without the door mechanism is built on the aluminum section. These open wardrobes are extended as per the requirement in the small space as well as in larger spaces. Benefits: Lots of storage space available USPs of Würfel Wardrobes:
  1. Flexi size with internals & doors adjustable to the available size.
  2. Every panel is modular.
  3. Screw-free wardrobe.
  4. Easy to install and dismantle.
  5. Maximum storage capacity.
  6. Attractive finishes.

Würfel Wardrobe Door Mechanisms:

Top Line XL: 2-track, top running sliding door system. Door closing force can be adjusted to soft open and soft close. Collides in opposite direction. Inline XL Sliding: Flush fitted for wooden or aluminum doors. Adjustable height and adjustable door overlay.

Door Finishes:

Würfel offers a huge range of choices to pick from for the door finish of a wardrobe. A basic finish with Laminate gives an impression of simplicity and a woody look. Lacquer and Polylacquer with their glossy and matt finishes give you a whole bouquet of colours to choose from. These colours can also be mixed and matched to accentuate the entire look of a room. If white is your color and the theme of the entire house is white, then we suggest a classic white lacquer finish wardrobe which gives it a Victorian-era feel and make the wardrobe stand out. Any guest visit to your bedroom will lead to a picture-perfect moment. The design of a door can also be changed based on the usage; Würfel offers options for all demographics. A kid’s bedroom can be lit up with bright colours while earthy colours can be added to a master bedroom. Würfel also gives you an option of having a leather door, which can be combined with a glass door to give the entire wardrobe a touch of class. Mirrors and Glass Doors: An excellent value addition for a wardrobe, a full-length vertical mirrored door not only looks stylish & sleek, but also provides great functionality. Ideal for a small space, it also makes the room look more spacious if placed strategically. The room automatically looks well lit as the mirror reflects light. A plain mirror gives it a contemporary look while doors that are combined with mirror and wood give it a classy look. These doors also come in handy when you have to select outfits & check out your appearance in a hurry. Black Mirror doors can be combined with different finishes like Laminate or Gloss Polylacquer to go with the décor. Frosted Glass: Frosted mirror sliding doors are perfect in an area where you need to generate more light and space, but don’t wish to have full length sliding mirror doors. So, for those of you who don’t like mirror sliding doors, these door designs are a perfect alternative. Alternated with mirrors, these doors add class to a bedroom and elevates the overall style quotient. Black Tinted Glass (See-through Doors): These doors allow you to look into the wardrobe without having to open the doors. If you have many apparels and accessories, then glass wardrobes give you a preview of your options for the day. With black aluminum as frames, these doors exude a touch of class. See through doors go with both hinge wardrobes as well as walk-in wardrobes. Handles & Integrated Handles: Handles add a lot of value in terms of aesthetics. Würfel offers a wide range of handle options to choose from. From metallic chromes to aluminum to a champagne finish, multiple options are available for a customer to choose from. True to its philosophy of continuous innovation, Würfel also offers integrated handles, which are almost invisible and combines exceptionally well with gloss finish doors. These integrated handles in matt black or bright chrome enhance the “wow” quotient of a wardrobe. Integrated handles go hand-in-hand with sliding wardrobes. Let us know the type of wardrobe you would like to use in your bedroom in the comment section below.

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