Kitchens are the heart of every household. Kitchens are undeniably the most visited and social hotspots of the home. It is a special corner of the house wherein a lot of cooking, eating, stocking, and socializing happens.

With its utmost importance in any household, it is vital that your kitchen is designed in a perfect manner following the current trends.

With the advent of the modular kitchens, it has become quite easier to live up to the functionality and designer needs of different households.

Island kitchen


If you are looking for modular kitchen trends 2019, then head out to the highly equipped kitchen showroom in Bangalore by Wurfel.

Here, you can come across a myriad of trending kitchen designs in India. If you are confused by the huge collection of designs in the kitchen showroom, then here are some top modular kitchen trends 2019 that you can adopt in your household:

Not so white industrial collectionThe Not-So-White Industrial Collection

This kitchen trend is the latest one which tends to deviate from the common all-white kitchen design. This modern kitchen design is neither too pale nor too dark. A cool, neutral, and versatile look of the industrial kitchen will bring a bit of drama to your kitchen space.

Amongst all the industrial kitchen collection, charcoal grey is the best choice for contemporary households.

This is one of the best modular kitchen trends 2019 in recent times. The warmth of the industrial looks and hues imparts a new and dignified look to the overall kitchen décor.

This kitchen design era, you can skip the ever-white collection to adopt a refreshing industrial look.


The Personified Hot Look

Wish to energize your lifestyle kitchen look instantly? Just go for splashing a vibrant shade of hot red in some portions of your kitchen.

By adding a red element to your kitchen, you can accentuate the complete look without any efforts. Moreover, this is quite a famous trend in recent times.

The red cabinets are indeed something to go for as they enrich the look of your kitchen seamlessly. With just a few touches of red to specific portions of your kitchen can highlight the entire space.

You can go for including a simple outline of red hue on the lacquered glass backsplash or elemental red combination on just the handles to add a dramatic touch.

Red never fails to surprise you and your guests with its awe-inspiring feel throughout.


Time for All Warm & Dark

The idea of a dark contemporary kitchen design might sound too dreary, however, it can be a bold touch to your kitchen in the modern era. It could impart a stunning look to your kitchen space if done in the right manner.

To add to the entire look, you can install a black vintage stove in combination with a black & white tiled floor or walls with darkened cabinets to achieve a vintage and classy look for your modernized kitchen.

If you are not content with the all-black look of the whole kitchen, then you can experiment with some black elements like handles, cabinets, or backsplashes to complete the bold décor.

Black is the go-to shade and an all-time favourite that could never go wrong with any household interiors.


Classic Modernized Style

You thought pastels and lighter shades were only meant for your personal fashion?

Amplify the fashionable look of your modernized kitchen with infusing some shades of cool and dignified pastels like shades of green and aqua blue on the kitchen walls.

You can also enhance the entire look by selecting tiles with pastel green motifs or shades of pistachio green, mint green, lime green, olive green and what not! All of these pastel elements are sure to add a sense of freshness and vitality into your earlier dull kitchen.

Pastels can be considered to be quite a debutante in the modern kitchen trends list and it has been receiving amazing responses from the worldwide kitchens.

This soft shade infuses coziness into the available space and those in search of a fresh look can definitely go for this one.

Moreover, unlike other shades, one can never get bored with green as it brings about the perfect balance in your kitchen décor.

Patterned drama

Patterned Drama

Not liking the concept of uni-coloured kitchen design? Then you can introduce some creative touch by including the all-new and trending patterned design in your kitchen.

To your surprise, you would come across a myriad of options when it comes to selecting a particular pattern for designing the kitchen space.

From cure floral prints to bold patterns like stripes, and geometric patterns –all of it can add an awe-inspiring touch to your kitchen area.

From the symmetric to asymmetric kitchen design patterns, this is the latest trend running globally. When you have a splash of interesting and quirky patterns in your kitchen space, be free from getting bored of it too soon.

Classic white and black palette

Classic Black & White Palette

After all the color and design options, one combination that we cannot afford to ignore is the vintage black and white palette for your forward-looking kitchen.

The black and white hue combination for kitchen design can never go out of trend even through the decades. The best feature of this kitchen design is that it imparts a great element of contrast to your kitchen space, thus highlighting the overall look.

To complement the entire look, warm rustic hardwood flooring can be the best option. Moreover, go for the modular kitchen designs with sleek cabinet and drawer materials that would complete this kitchen designing trend.

If you are on the lookout of the best kitchen designing trends, then go through the same.

These design trends for your modular kitchen in Bangalore would offer a designer as well as a functional touch to the entire space.

The kitchens around the world are following these trending designs to welcome an aura of freshness and fashionable look. Implement one for your household and win applauds from all around!

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