Würfel Küche achieves another successful breakthrough by winning the Best Modular Kitchen Brand Award at Times Business Awards 2018, organized by the Times Group. The ceremony took place on July 24th, 2018 at Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru.  The evening presented a fantastic opportunity to bring together the best in the industry and to celebrate success.  

Times Business Awards acknowledges new entrepreneurs, their success and warmly welcomes them in the industry. Würfel Küche was honored with the Best Modular Kitchen Brand Award by the one and only Chitrangada Singh, celebrity actress of B-town. Chitrangada was also accompanied by Mr. Anil Kapoor. The evening was attended by over 500 people and the pomp and show were carried out in a very grand way. The event maintained an international standard and apart from the award-giving ceremony, there were dance performances, fashion shows, standup cameo, and a pop band performance.


Würfel Küche is a premium modular kitchen and wardrobe brand that aims at product functionality, efficiency without compromising on the quality of it and offers the best at a great price. Aiming to make the nation proud by setting the benchmark in the global modular kitchen industry. Würfel constantly focuses on innovation and revolution of the Indian kitchen. It believes in extensive research, promises credibility, prioritizes eco-friendliness, and is proactive as well as responsible for its products. The fine elements sourced from Europe, processed through top-line European machinery to deliver customized European modular kitchens and wardrobes, to suit your lifestyle. Würfel’s range possesses a rich, classic, and elegant look making your kitchen experience more comforting and stylish.

Presenting Island kitchens, a working kitchen island may include appliances and cabinetry for storage. It adds additional space to a kitchen which can be used as a dining space. They are highly functional and effective adding a huge dose of space in the kitchen. Island kitchens enhance the royal and elegant look of a house. 

Clean. Elegant. Functional. A chic design that can effortlessly enhance any home. Being simple is the key. This elegant, functional piece will work perfect for any kitchen, giving the kitchen an open and luxurious look.

A kitchen that is smart and sophisticated whilst retaining a classic feel. Blue hues, and deep, navy tones.

Get a feel of serenity, joy & tranquility in this beautiful teal blue kitchen. Würfel offers infinite shades and designs to choose from.

A U shaped kitchen comes with an open design that seamlessly integrates within the dining & seating space.

To know more about Würfel and to experience our high-quality European products, visit us at www.wurfel.in

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