In modern homes, modular kitchen is a boon. They are designed to get the most out of the space available and help you organize the kitchen in a way that makes life simpler while cooking a meal. Usually a modular kitchen comprises of wall units, base units and tower units with space assigned for kitchen appliances. Though getting a modular kitchen for your home seems simple, the reality is quite different.

Kitchen designs require a lot of planning. Before you order your modular kitchen keep in mind a few basic pointers that will help you install your dream kitchen! Here are some of the things that are good to know before installing a modular kitchen.

The work triangle:

The hob, sink for preparation and cleaning, and refrigerator and long cabinet for storage, these are the three most important parts of the kitchen. The position of these, determines the comfort and convenience in the kitchen. For ages, architects and kitchen planners have followed the basic principle of design, the Golden Triangle. According to this principle, the hob, sink and refrigerator should be placed in such a way that they are within 4-9 feet gap from each other.


No matter how convenient or beautiful your modular kitchen is, everything amounts to proper ventilation. Apart from windows and ventilator for natural air circulation, install a good chimney that will keep the kitchen free from the over powering smell of smoke while cooking. Especially in Indian homes, spices used in cooking delicious Indian meals tend to get suffocating if there is no proper ventilation.


Storage requirements

Storage requirements need to be analyzed in order to plan the drawers, shelf cabinets or tall units. The storage capacity depends a lot on how much we require– which may differ from person to person and how big a family the kitchen is catering to. One family may stock on their groceries and supplies on a weekly basis while others may be on a monthly basis. So, it’s important to gauge the storage requirement for your family before installing a modular kitchen in your home.

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