Whether you’re a new house owner or redoing your old house, we know you’re looking at multiple options and speaking to zillions of people and doing a lot of research on what look to choose for your house, the finish, the style etc. Well, we are hoping to make your search easy by providing you with all the details on Matt Polylacquer finish. What is it, how to use it, when to use it and more. Read on. What is a Matt Polylacquer finish? A matt polylacquer finish is quite similar to a gloss polylacquer finish with the differentiating factor being the level of sheen in each. The matt finish is achieved by applying lacquer paint on a laminate sheet. The base of this finish is a MDF board. On both sides of this board, laminate sheets are pasted as the first step of the process. On one side of this board, considering that to be the front, a layer of clear matt lacquer paint is applied. Once this paint dries, a second layer of clear matt lacquer paint is applied to finish the process. The final finish is non-reflective and looks very premium. What are the colour and pattern options? The matt polylacquer finish comes in 3, limited colour variants. Although the colour options are limited, the matt finish is sure to turn heads in your home. If you are looking for a classy look for your home, we recommend the matt finish, it is something that would truly stand out. The matt polylacquer finish is available only in a plain pattern as a textured finish doesn’t blend well. How durable is Matt Polylacquer? The matt polylacquer finish boards are competently durable. They are fairly resistant to moderate heat, wear and tear from daily use in comparison to other finishes. How must does it cost? For the kind of look and finish you get from matt polylacquer, this is not expensive at all. It is moderately priced and should easily fit your budget. If you are looking for premium looking kitchens and wardrobes at a great price, you should choose the matt polylacuqer finish. How to maintain the Matt Polylacquer finish? Although matt polylacquer finishes are fairly durable they do require maintenance from time to time. Dust the surfaces regularly and use only a soft microfiber cloth to clean. Never use strong alcohol based cleaning agents. In case there is water spillage, do not let it settle for a long time. Considering all finishes are prone to wear and tear, this finish too needs to be maintained to keep it new for years to come. When to use Matt Polylacquer? A matt polylacquer finish is perfect when you want a premium look and feel. The finish looks absolutely stunning on kitchen and wardrobe surfaces. With varied colour options and patterns to choose from, you can easily achieve your desired look for your home. With easy daily maintenance, it is a great choice for a home. You can also use this finish in other areas of your home like the TV unit in your living room, vanity unit in your washroom or even on the chest of drawers in your bedroom. You can always consider the above your guide in case you plan to opt for a matt polylacquer finish. The above kitchen is a great example of the matt polylacquer finish. The white linear kitchen looks beautiful with its matt polylacquer cabinets in a block white colour which creates a sense of space and perfectly complements the rest of the house. If you are interested in giving your home a matt polylacquer finished look you can get a free design quote @here or drop us an email at contact@wurfel.in Würfel is India’s biggest modular kitchen and wardrobe brand in the country with 37 showrooms across the country. It was also awarded the best modular kitchen brand by Times Business award consecutively for 2018, 2019 & 2020. Würfel was also awarded the most Innovative Kitchen award by India Kitchen Congress consecutively in the year of 2019 and 2020. You can also find your nearest store by clicking the link below. https://www.wurfel.in/studio-locator-2-0/