It’s easy to guess from the name of the theme that it has to be something grand! This particular theme is a gem for any home owner! And to own it, would truly make anyone feel nothing short of royalty! The Solitaire Living Room comes with some magnificent furnishing which looks like it has come straight out of a fairytale! From the image, you can see that we have used a royal pink velvet carpet. This glossy finish compliments the arm chair that is designed to suit your home with vibrant colours you can choose from! To add to the already glamourous feel the Solitaire living room comes in both two seaters and three seater sofas, so if you have any sort of space constraint, there is nothing to worry your pretty head about, you can go for the two seater if not the three seater. The sofa is made of suede and woven fabric accentuating the royalty to the whole living room. The Solitaire is a piece of art and the armchair and sofa holds the prime focus. The Sofa can be accessorized with cushions that are a contrast in terms of colour to add that splash of colour to the living room! There is no limit to how many ways you can accessorize this theme! The Solitaire living room also comes with a Prussian royal blue TV unit, and is further accessorized by the vintage wall unit. The TV unit and wall units comes with silver handles and wooden legs. The gold ring handles offers a very contemporary look to the royal ambience of the room. The Solitaire living room also comes with multiple table types that you can use to decorate the space. One such table is the foyer table which comes with a set of mirrors. Another is the center coffee table. The coffee table comes with both a circular top or a rectangle one. So, you can choose the shape that best suits your home and the way you decide to place your furniture in the living room space you have. The coffee table also comes in two color variations, both aqua green and brown tinted wood colour. So, you can pick the colour you think goes best with the ambience of your living room! The coffee tables come with metallic finish legs or base underlining the royal look of the room. The solitaire theme also comes with the sofa side table. These are an absolute must to complete the grand look of your living room. The sofa side table too, come in the same colour variations as the center table, so you have a matching set to jazz up the living room! Let’s bring our attention to the wall, the wall highlights the entire room! The wall is covered in an artistic wall paper with a gold finish. This accentuates the imperial feel of the living room. It matches with the legs or base of the center table and glorifies the fabric of the sofa. There is no better place to feel like a queen or king than in this majestic living room! So, we hope you’re ready to feel like royalty with our Solitaire theme!


The bedroom is that part of the house that is considered a sanctuary! After a long day, be it at work or just a day doing all the household chores, all anyone wants to do is lay down comfortably and get some shut eye. The bedroom has become a place of solace for those who have taxing days, so why not feel like a king or queen while getting that much-needed rest! The Solitaire Bedroom does not compromise when it comes to quality and appearance. The bedroom is a mix of vintage and regal, giving the feel of nobilities to all those enter the room. The bed comes in both a queen size and king size so that you can use the size that best fits your room layout. The Solitaire bedroom utilizes a hundred percent natural oak on all its frames. If you notice, the headboard on the beds are made of quilted leather which is the peak of luxury. Resting against a headboard will never feel more relaxing! The base of the bed comes with the same material and matching the colour of the headboard giving it a very royal look. To match the beds suede and quilted leather finish, all the furniture in the room have natural solid foot designs. The bed also comes with a night stand on which you can place your books or a night lamp. The night stand comes in a Prussian blue colour, which accentuates the look of royalty. The Solitaire bedroom can be accessorized with the chest of drawers which acts as a dressing table. The solitaire dresser mirror is a perfect addition to it along with the suede ottoman which also has a solid wood base. There is nothing that speaks royalty louder than a combination of suede and quilted leather! Let us bring our attention to the wardrobe now! The sliding wardrobe is easily the highlight of the entire room, with its Prussian blue colour with gold inlays. One side of the sliding wardrobe has a full-size mirror that serves as the door as well. The wardrobe has segregations for different attires. There are shelves and a hanging dresser along with a set of drawers at the bottom of the wardrobe. There is also a separate rack for trousers. So, basically you have space for storing all the attires you have for different occasions, be it, formal, party or casual! The walls of the solitaire bedroom have a covering with plaster. This wall finish has a tinted metallic copper colour which compliments the entire aristocratic ambience of the room. It goes well with the Prussian blue furniture and the quilted leather of the bed. So, in its entirety, the Solitaire Bedroom is designed in such a way that every detail has been given meticulous thought, from the intricate detailing of the gold on the furniture to the colour and fabric used on them. It would be hard to come by someone who wouldn’t dream of waking up in this masterpiece of a bedroom once they’ve had a taste and feel of it!


The dining room is the place where the whole family gathers, guests and friends are received, feasts are celebrated and time is simply spent. The Solitaire dining room is not only functional but also extremely distinguished in terms of its luxurious finish. This classic dining room was curated to cater a glamourous look to your home! The Solitaire dining room comes with two different types of dining table finishes. The dining table comes in both a veneer finish as well as a marble top finish. The marble top portrays a very grand and buoyant addition to the dining room area. The veneer top finish gives off a very sleek and elegant look. Both the dining tables come with a solid foot design with gold inlays. These gold inlays are a magnificent tool to decorate your table with trinkets that compliment the colour. It not only adds that royal touch to the table but also brings attention to the decorative items placed on the table. No dining room set is complete without a set of tasteful chairs that go with the table! We have just the right one to go with it too! These come in a beige colour with a quilted finish with solid foot designs. The solitaire theme has two variations for its chairs. The uniqueness of one of the chair types lie in the custom-made handles at the back of the chair. What better way to glamourize your dining set than with splashes of gold just in the right amount. This aids in adding that extra pazazz to your dining area! However, if you feel that the gold is a tad too much for your liking, you can go for the chairs without the gold ring handles, but fear not, these are just as majestic as the ones with the gold handle rings and don’t lack in glamour. To enhance the glitzy look of the Solitaire dining room set, we have paired it with a Prussian blue dining console. The dining console has four pull out doors with the same gold finish handles as the dining chairs. The gold rings are a wonderful combination with the Prussian blue finish which at the same time compliment the dining table set. The dining console provides storage space for all those fancy crockeries you have stove away for a special occasion, making it not only functional but also a decorative item adding to the glam of your dining area! It doesn’t stop there however! The dining console also comes with a console mirror. The frame of this mirror comes in the same colour variation as the dining console which is the Prussian blue. All in all, the dining room table and chair set is perfectly accessorized with the dining console and mirror! So, now that you have a taste of our Solitaire dining room, we would like you to come experience it for yourself and be taken back to the aristocratic vintage age, because no amount of words can explain the beauty and charm of this flamboyant masterpiece!