It’s easy to guess from the name of the theme that it has to be something grand! The word Seraph is derived from ancient Christianity and refers to a type of celestial or heavenly being. This particular theme rightly named Seraph and you will shortly understand why! And to own it, would truly make anyone feel nothing short of celestial and angelic! A pastel rose coloured back drop would go perfectly with the furniture in this theme! The Seraph takes you back to a very royal empire sort of theme and will make you feel like you’re living in a painting! A serene sense of living is celebrated in the Seraph living room with its smooth, rounded lines and soft colours. The Seraph theme gives off a rich yet soothing feel to anyone who steps into the living room! To add to the already glamourous feel the Seraph living room comes in both two seaters and three seater sofas, so if you have any sort of space constraint, there is nothing to worry your about, you can go for the two seaters if not the three seaters. The sofas come with a pastel coloured synthetic fibre finish that compliment the gold finish curved legs. You can pair these sofas with rich vibrant coloured cushions to add some color to the room if you feel it’s too monotonous. However, to assist you we also have the Seraph armchair which comes in a darker shade in comparison to the sofas. The fabric finish and the colour of these furniture pieces along with the bright gold legs go perfectly with a wooden flooring. The Seraph them comes with the ultimate out of this world center table with a stone finish on the top in a pearl white colour with gold curved legs. This adds the apt amount of richness to the living room space, at the same time compliments the sofa and the armchair! You can also choose to pair the armchair with the Seraph side table which is a taller version of the center table with the same finish. These four put together will surely make your living room look like it is straight out of a painting from the medieval times! The secret touch would be to add some dried flowers to adorn the room even more and make it a true pastel oil painting. The Seraph theme also comes with a TV unit, because seriously, which living room is complete without a space to place your TV. The TV unit comes in a royal white matte lacquer finish with open shelves as well as shutters. This serves as a stand for your remotes and other electronic gadgets that you may attach to your TV or even a gaming console for those of you who like to game! The pull out shutters have storage space for storing things like old magazines perhaps? Or whatever you want to avoid cluttering the living room table with! The Seraph theme has the perfect accessory to add to the already royal look of the room, so without any further adieu let me introduce you to the Seraph Wall unit. This comes with the same white lacquer finish as the TV unit with French frame of glass to put all those delicate artifacts!


Light, airy, clean, and sophisticated. If this is how you’d describe your perfect dining room, then you’ll want to check out our Seraph themed dining room! This dining room is created out of pairing streamlined furniture with a neutral palette. Vintage and modern elements merge in a delightful mélange of styles. Think sleek dining chairs pulled around a glossy dining table. This sure takes a minimal approach when styling your space, less is truly more in this style! Strike an easy, breezy vibe by pairing natural materials with cool soft hues. Calm prevails over this pristine beauty. Plush white seamless designs, smooth curves on chairs, elegant buttons, tufting and gold coloured details add character to this Seraph space making it a charismatic one. The Seraph dining table is a simple yet sophisticated looking piece of furniture with its lacquered white paint finish and straight legs. However, if you feel that this is too plain for you. You can add some artifacts like a metallic vase or the like to add that extra bit of spice to your dining room. The true look of aristocracy however, comes from the dining chairs which is made of faux leather seats and lacquered white wooden legs. The Seraph theme also comes with a dining console, again with the same lacquered finish. A dining console is designed to provide ample storage for your formal and special occasion dishes, flatware, and linens you'd usually use in a dining room. It also serves as a surface area for placing dishes or trays of food. The perfect accessory to this dining console would be the console mirror. The mirror has splashes of gold to give the touch of richness to the dining room space and a break from the monotonous white. The highlight of the Seraph dining room however, is easily the crockery unit that would take anyone’s breath away! It is the perfect placed to stack your beautiful chinaware or even those dishes that you keep away for special occasions or for when you have guests over. This too comes in the classy lacquered white finish. The seraph dining room is truly a beauty, one beyond words can explain. So, feel free to come over and check out these beautiful pieces for yourself at our studio!