Like a model flaunting designer wear, the Scilla theme is straight out of the runway with its outstanding architectural design. The Scilla theme is extremely traditional in its approach. Traditional style has stood the test of time for one simple reason, comfort! Elegant shapes, refined textiles, and a charmingly predictable sense of order make traditional style one that is always warm and welcoming. While decorating trends may change, traditional living rooms will always be in style. The Scilla living room comes with both a two seater and three seater sofa set that comes in a very eye pleasing pastel colour. You can choose the type you need based on the living room size you’re catering to. This theme also has a beautiful pastel coloured arm chair to accompany the sofa set. The themes furniture all come in a laminate finish. The real gem in the Scilla theme however is the signature jaali work. For those of you who are new to this term, jaali. a jaali, is the term for a latticed screen, usually with an ornamental pattern constructed through the use of calligraphy and geometry. This form of architectural decoration is common in Hindu temple architecture, Indo-Islamic Architecture and more generally in Islamic Architecture. The Scilla theme has a contrast so distinct between the jaali and the lack of jaali which makes this space, one for artists to fall in love with! The Scilla theme has two types of TV units, the Scilla TV unit wide and the Scilla TV unit narrow. The Scilla wide TV unit has a laminate finish with an extended shelf with Jaali work on the shutters with classic square knobs on the drawers and shutters. Adding a punch to the style are the legs which by themselves come together and form a structural system which enhance this jaali work. However, if your living room space is more constrained you can opt for the narrower Scilla TV unit. Another iconic piece of furniture would be the Scilla Wall unit which agains comes in a laminate finish to coordinate with the TV unit. This piece of furniture is ideal to showcase your books or other artifacts and gives an overall rustic look to the living room. No living room is complete without a table! The Scilla theme has two variations of tables, one being the larger round center table and the other a small round side table. The center table can be placed in the middle whereas the coffee side table is an ideal addition right next to the armchair to place your mug of coffee or cup of tea while enjoying the evening. The side table and center table also come in a laminate finish which merges well with the pastel coloured sofas. Last but not the least, the Scilla theme has a Sofa side table. Again, this too comes with a laminate finish and is a perfect accessory to the sofa set. A nice touch to the Scilla theme would be the use of potted plants as it compliments the whole traditional vibe it portrays. We hope you have fallen in love with this theme as much as we have designing it!


We spend around one third of our lives in bed! It's therefore all the more crucial that our bedroom should be as beautiful and practical as possible. In decorating terms, “traditional” refers to a style that is firmly anchored in the past, but it does not have to mean boring, dated, or a roomful of antiques. Instead, traditional style embraces classic design, the symmetrical placing of furnishings, neutral color schemes, and a comfortable, yet slightly formal, vibe. The best traditional bedrooms are beautifully simple, not cluttered, fussy or overly stimulating. There doesn't need to be an excess of furniture or accessories to create gorgeous style, just an overall feel for good design and a cohesive plan to tie everything together. The Scilla themed bedroom is the perfect example of an amalgamation of both simplicity with elegance. The Scilla theme comes with both a king size and queen size bed. So, depending on your requirement and your layout you can choose the size you require. The beds come in laminate finish with straight vertical legs. The headboard for this themes beds is made of synthetic fibre, complimenting the laminate finish of the bed. These beds will go well with light pastel shade sheets and pillow covers. Overall, it has a very soothing and earthy feel to it! To accompany the bed, we have the Scilla night stand or side table which comes with Jaali work and square knobs for handles and straight wooden legs. The bedroom in this theme also comes with a chest of drawers. This chest of drawers has the same jail work on its drawers giving a very royal and rich look to the bedroom. The chest of drawers has the same handles as those on the side table, square in shape and metal, adding to the elegance of the drawers. The chest of drawers has the same matching wooden legs as well. The best part about the chest of drawers is that it can be converted into a dressing table and be accessorized with a mirror. This is by far the most artistic part of the room! Let’s get to the highlight of this room! Which room would be complete without the wardrobes! The wardrobe is easily one of the most essential parts of a bedroom! The wardrobes come in two types, the sliding wardrobe and the hinged wardrobe. The sliding wardrobe comes with two sets of mirrors on either end of the wardrobe with the middle portion having the jalli work with a laminate finish. If you want to keep your bedroom old school and classic, we have the five door hinged wardrobe. The hinged wardrobe comes in exactly the opposite pattern compared to the sliding wardrobe. The jalli work comes on the two corners while the set of mirrors come in between them. This is a classic combination with the bed and the chest of drawers in the bedroom. We hope you enjoyed having a rough idea of what this bedroom is all about and would like to see it in all its glory in real life!


The dining table is more than just a place to sit down and take in a meal. It's the place where families can relate their daily stories and struggles, where best friends laugh over fond memories, where a person can sit quietly in the morning to reflect over a cup of hot coffee. It's one of the most treasured parts of any home a comfortable dining room design is nourishing for the stomach and the soul alike. With the laminate finish on the simple materials and the straightforward design allows these special moments to take center stage. The Scilla dining room is the perfect dining room set when we think about simplicity with a sleek finish. The main feature of any dining room is the dining table set. The Scilla theme comes with both an extendable dining table as well as a fixed dining table set. The plus point of the extendable dining set is that you can always make the table longer to seat more people in case you have guests. Whereas if you are not the type to entertain people at home and want to keep it to just the family, we have the fixed dining room table. The dining tables comes with an elegant set of chairs. The fabric of the chairs respect the octagonal theme and have a self pattern that defines luxury. The dining room table and chairs have a plain laminate finish with straight vertical wooden legs. Another striking feature is the Scilla dining console. The entire console comes with the jalli work and square shaped handles. The intricately carved shutters are juxtaposed against the neutral, mute dining table and chairs. The console also comes with the same laminate finish. The perfect accessory to the console is the Scilla console mirror. This will go utterly well with the console, making the dining room space look more spacious and bright. The console is an ideal space to store any extra dishes you have stored away for special occasions. The showstopper of this dining room theme is the crockery unit! The crockery unit has the same intricate details of the jalli work and the square shaped handles. There are three shutters and one open shelf which can be used for stacking books and other reading material. The crockery unit comes with a laminate finish as well and really stands out in this beautiful theme and is hard to miss when walking into the dining room! There is a certain nothingness to an abundance of design and the absence of the jaali work makes the crockery unit more present. We hope you enjoyed the peep into this beautiful theme and hope you come down and witness it for yourself to see it in all its magnificence!