Call it a living room, lounge or a sitting room, there’s no doubting the fact that this room serves the main purpose in the entire house, the purpose of providing a comfortable space where an individual can relax. The Argus living room is made for those who appreciate aristocracy! This beautifully crafted piece makes not just for a great conversation but also plays a conversation starter. A great living room is more than just the center of a home, it’s the focal point where everybody seeks to convene and spend quality time together, while drinking in the stunning designs nuances and touches that make it something really to admire! The Netha theme comes with two variations of TV units, the small and the big TV unit. The TV units come in the same finish, only difference being that one is wider than the other. The TV unit from with a frame border of dark wood coloured laminate along with off white laminate shutters. Adding to the charm of this piece of furniture is the musical keynote shaped knob that is both functional and stylish. The TV units comes with a classy gold finish set of legs that compliment the laminate shutter and the handles. There are overall two shutters and two open shelves which provide ample space for storage for all those things that normally clutter the room. The Netha theme also comes with a foyer table that has laminate shutter and legs with two pull out drawers. This too has the musical keynote shaped knob for handles. The foyer table is designed to be set against a wall. They may be used as accent tables for displaying accessories or other decorative items. It may also be used to hold a small lamp in areas that need additional lightings, such as hallways or entryways. A foyer tаblе uѕuаllу, ѕіtѕ аgаіnѕt a wаll аnd mау еvеn be аttасhеd to thе wаll. Foyer tаblеѕ аrе dеѕіgnеd tо bе рlасеd mаіnlу іn уоur еntrуwау. Sо, thіѕ ріесе оf furnіturе саn оffеr your еntrуwау оr уоur hаll a vеrу dеlіghtful аnd іnvіtіng lооk thаt wіll gаіn уоu thе аdmіrаtіоn оf уоur guests. To add a little bit of décor you can accompany the foyer table with a mirror to add that splash of elegance to your living room! The Netha TV wall unit is seen as an attachment to the TV console unit. This comes with a laminate finish as well with two open shelves and one shutter. This is the perfect space to store or decorate. Built in wall units provide a considerable amount of storage, as they can occupy a whole wall without making the room feel too much smaller. On top of this, they can be tailored to meet your needs – include shelving if you have a lot of knickknacks you would like to display or cupboards if you have clutter that you want to hide from view. So, head on over to the Wurfel Living showroom to get a taste of this beautiful master piece!


One of the first things a person thinks about when they start planning out a bedroom design is how they want the room to feel. When you are thinking about your master bedroom, you want it to feel calm and soothing. It is a place to rest and relax, after all! The bedroom is that part of the house that is considered a sanctuary! After a long day, be it at work or just a day doing all the household chores, all anyone wants to do is lay down comfortably and get some shut eye. The bedroom has become a place of solace for those who have taxing days, so why not feel like a king or queen while getting that much-needed rest! The Netha Bedroom theme comes with both a king size and queen size bed. Another bed addition we have is the queen size with storage for all those extra towels or bedsheets that take up too much wardrobe space, the Anther queen size with storage is the solution for you! If you notice, the headboard on the beds are made of suede which is the definition of a relaxing head rest! The suede finish provides a very royal look to the entire bedroom. The red suede finish on the fabric is complimented by the gold finish legs. It doesn’t get more aristocratic that this! The bed is accompanied by the night stand which comes with a laminate finish. The perfect spot to place you night lamp and novel on! The interesting piece of furniture that you can immediately recognize while walking into this bedroom theme are the wardrobes. There are choices of two, the sliding wardrobe and the 5 door hinged wardrobe. Picking the perfect door is not a job easily done, especially when there is an ongoing debate on the goodness of the two key types. In the hinge mechanism, the door is attached to the door jamb with the help of typically two of three hinges. In case of wardrobes, a door that is to be fixed on a hinge is not more than 24-inch wide so that there is no excess load on the door jamb. In case the door is wider and bigger, the number and quality of hinges have to be increased accordingly to give the door a better support. These doors open outwardly at a 90-degree angle. Whereas in the sliding wardrobe mechanism we see, doors are built to glide horizontally on metal tracks fixed on top and bottom frames. There are rollers on the side of the door for opening. On opening, these shutter-like closings recede in a slot, without interfering with the outward space. The Netha theme comes with an option of two, five and six door wardrobe. So, you can make your choice based on the amount of space you have. The Netha theme also comes with a chest of drawers that can be used as dressing table with a matching off white laminate finish and three pull out drawers with musical keynote for handles and to accompany it, we have the Netha mirror with the same off white laminate finish frame. To accessorize this piece of furniture we have the Netha puffs which comes in a round shape and rectangular shape which the perfect seating arrangement for the dresser.


When it comes to designing your dining room, there’s a few things to keep in mind. You want to ensure that everyone can be seated comfortably at the table. You also need enough space for people to walk around the table without hitting a console or buffet against the wall. These measurements will matter and affect the end result. It is important to keep both comfort and aesthetic in mind. Also, simple and clean is safer; you can always update and add to the interior at any time. The Anther dining room is just that! The focus of any dining room is easily the dining table. The Netha theme dining room has variants in the dining table, which are, the extended dining table and the fixed dining table. The extended dining tables comes handy when you have guest over and there is not enough seating space at the table. The extended dining table can be pulled out and extended to seat more people. The Netha dining tables key feature we would say is the dining chairs which have a woven fabric finish which compliments the laminate finish of the table. There is a sense of comfort as you snuggle into the Netha chairs. Printed chairs that blend into the interiors form a somewhat retro yet modern setting that can look inviting to anyone. The legs of the chair come with a wooden frame. The theme also comes with a dining console, if you are wondering what is the necessity of a dining console, let us enlighten you on some of the uses of a dining console! The dining console is designed to provide ample storage for your formal and special occasion dishes, flatware, and linens you'd usually use in a dining room. It also serves as a surface area for placing dishes or trays of food. The console comes with laminate shutters and gold finish legs. The handles come in a gold musical keynote symbol The Netha dining console come with a beautiful accessory which is the Netha console mirror. The mirror adds a touch of elegance to the whole dining room space. The frame of the mirror matches the dining room console with its lacquered white finish and angled legs. The Netha theme also comes with a center coffee table. The coffee table comes with a wooden frame for legs and laminate finish top. A coffee table, is placed to serve various refreshments and other food items for guests you entertain at home. It adds a very artistic touch to the room and is perfect while entertaining guests.