As the place where friends and family gather the most in a home, it’s important for a living room to not only be inviting but well-decorated. With fearless splashes of color and richly patterned fabrics, learn how to create chic, statement-making spaces that burst with their own senses of character. Dark colours are famously versatile, eternally fashionable, and immediately makes any room feel more modern. It's a little easier to take this bold leap in a private area like a bathroom or bedroom, but the living room requires a degree of commitment that might require some reassurance. The Kimssel living room is designed with gorgeous black décor, featuring simple black accents. Filled with a combination of moody colours over high-end contemporary furnishings will make your home look like secret style lairs. Experience utmost comfort on these modern sofas that are designed to create a spacious appearance through their linearity and closer-to-ground geometry. The Kimssel Living is a perfect combination of warmth and sophistication. With rich colour options and soft fabrics, it harps on the exclusivity factor. The Kimssel theme comes with a luxurious three seater and two seater sofa set that has an elegant look with its dark coloured fabric. The details on the sofas design leave a lasting impression on anyone who lay their eyes on it! The Kimssel theme also comes with matching armchairs that go perfectly with the sofa set. The Kimssel theme also comes with an extremely aristocratic looking wall unit which is an absolute stunner! The wall unit basically comprises of an open shelf with a lacquered gloss finish and the two shelves. The mix of black and white on the TV unit compliments the colour of the sofa set. The Kimssel theme also comes with a beautiful black lacquered glass finish. All in all, the Kimssel themes furniture pieces come together to create a modern dark interior of a black and grey affair with shiny gloss accents. The Kimssel theme is nothing short of spectacular and is worth every penny!


Many say the heart of a home is its living room, but what about the bedroom? A place for escape, rest and romance, the bedroom makes a strong case for being the heart of a home! Looking for the ultimate in luxury beds and glamorous bedrooms? Look no further, we bring to you the Kimssel bedroom! The bedroom is a place that needs to provide a sense of relief and peace to a weary body and mind; after all this is the space where you will come to crash after a hard day’s work and stress. While deciding upon the design and style of your bedroom you need to ensure that it is not crowded with useless stuff and that it has a peaceful and relaxing feel to it. When we talk about bedrooms; one thing that always works is simplicity. Yet, keeping it simple is more of a challenge than making it complex and intricate. The minimalist decorating style is free from clutter and unnecessary furnishings, with a clean and serene vibe that makes it perfectly suited to the bedroom. Black is a bold and versatile choice for a room’s color scheme. From moody black walls to chic modern decor, the possibilities for a black room are endless. A vivid imagination comes to life when the best of both worlds meet - bright white high-gloss panels and black wood pattern. The black chrome plated handles and leather bed frames are bound to catch the eye. This classy bedroom comes with a large storage area and sliding door wardrobes which enhances functionality without compromising on style. The Kimssel bedroom comes with a king size with storage. The fabric headboar and frame are a So, if you are the type of person who hoards on bedsheets or quilts, and have no cupboard space for it, fear not, you can go for the Kimssel kings size bed with storage to store these. The Kimssel bedroom comes with a sliding mechanisms of wardrobes. Sliding doors do not require any space clearance to open up owing to the sliding mechanism. These, therefore, omit the space limitations completely. If you share your closet with a partner, it’s easy to section off one side for each of you. Having this type of storage and easy access options means you’ll use your closet more often, helping you keep your house and bedroom clean. The wardrobe comes in a lacquered gloss white colour finish. The Kimssel theme also has a chest of drawers that can be used as a dressing table. This comes with a lacquer finish. To accompany the dressing table, you can accessorize it with a mirror. So, come on over and check out the Kimssel bedroom to step into a world of luxury!


Making the right choice when it comes to a luxury dining room can be a complex task, as there is a fine balance between comfort, aesthetic and practicality which is taken into mind during the selection process. We focus on meal times during annual special festivities and personal anniversaries, but sitting down to break bread together is something that should always carry a sense of ceremony. Enjoying this daily activity with the added shine of a luxury dining room design means that every day can feel like a special occasion - without all the added prep and hoo-ha. Inspiration for luxury dining furniture and decor can come in many shapes and forms, and we bring to you one of our best, the Kimssel dining room. With white high-gloss panels placed against solid black glass, this Italian design surely raises the bar. While the fashion factor is on a complete high with modern line details on the doors, these masterpieces are also efficient because they are easy to clean and resistant to scratches. The Kimssel dining is also available in two variants for you to choose from. The table comes in a black glass finish with a white frame. The Kimssel dining chairs are the perfect combination with this table, coming in a steel and wood finish. The dining console is often underused and overlooked, the console table is a delightfully versatile piece of furniture. It can actually be added to any space in your home, and is endlessly adaptable. You can use it to fill up empty spaces, draw attention, detract and accent. Console tables are flexible, multipurpose wonders! The Kimssel dining console comes with a whitw lacquer finish and four shutters making it an excellent storage space. The dining console is accentuated by the console mirror which comes in an oval shape.