If you recall your childhood days, you will remember that your living room was one place in the house, which was always off-limits. Living room always receive more elaborate and formal treatment that other rooms in the house. It is the central component of our home; a place where we socialize and entertain our guests. Therefore, we put our heart and soul into designing this treasured space. This space is usually a reflection of your lifestyle, personality, aesthetics and tastes. It also sets the tone for decorating the rest of your dwellings. There is a certain softness in sharp geometric designs that gives a strong character to any space. The Hexel living speaks volumes on just that. With triangular patterns beautifully placed in exact precision, this eye catching piece elucidates a geometric form of art. The well-detailed wire frames and design patterns draw attention as they are the cardinal focus. The Hexel theme comes with both a two seater and three seater sofa sets. This is perfect as you can choose the size as per what suits your home! The sofa set is made of woven fabric and have solid wooden foot designs. The sofa sets also come in neutral tones to match the TV unit. If you wish to add a little colour to the neutral tones, you can let your imagination run free and use pop tones or abstract designs on your cushion covers, whichever suits your style! The Hexel sofa set is accompanied with the Hexel arm chair which comes in a printed fabric and the same wooden foot designs. A dull day at work will only get better with a zone that makes us feel incredibly comfortable. A living room is that spot where you feel at home and ease. With breathtaking artistry on board, you’ll feel like an aristocrat. Visually beautiful surroundings and pleasing decor show improvement in the social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being of an individual. What’s a living room without a TV? What’s a TV without a TV unit? The living room is equal to movies and a good time. And what’s the best medium of entertainment? The TV in a house is like a guest that everyone loves. Don’t you think, we must protect the TV from any possible accidents or make the TV feel good? One can renovate their living room with a quintessential piece of TV unit. The Hexel theme living room comes with a complete laminate TV unit with two shutters that acts as a storage space as well for all those items that normally clutter your living room. The Hexel theme Living room also comes with a beautiful laminate wall units that can be placed on any free wall and acts as a storage space and matches the TV unit phenomenally!


Dark walnut colors are a critical element of any successful home interior for a number of reasons, not the least of which is their ability to support any style. Neutral colors allow fantastic architectural elements in modern design to become the focus. This shows in the Hexel theme in the bedroom, an ecstatic aura fills this Italian inspired space! Your bedroom should be a relaxing space and somewhere you can check out at the end of a hard day. If you want to turn your bedroom into a zen space that promotes calmness, then the Hexel theme is your perfect match! This bedroom because of the colour tones and finish will instantly make your room appear larger, brighter and best of all, aristocratic! The Hexel theme comes with three different types of bed. One being the queen size bed for those of you who have that extra space. Then there is the queen size bed, and king size bed with storage. This allows you to have storage space under the bed, keeping the room neat and avoiding clutter for those things that don’t really have space. Have extra bedsheets and linens that you can’t seem to find place for? These beds with storage are the perfect solution! Creating a spacious haven is easy with the Hexel bedroom. Linear lines, low ground hugging pieces, horizontal framework across the room gives birth to a timeless Prairie style of art and architecture. The level of panache is pushed higher with the bronze mirrors and geometrical fume mirrors that lend their own character to the room. The Hexel theme also comes with the night stand side tables which keep with the laminate finish and dark walnut earthen style shutter theme same as the Hexel TV unit in the living room and lend a country charm to the room. The night stand comes with solid foot design legs and a laminate top. No bedroom is complete without a dressing table! The Hexel chest of drawers is one piece of furniture that serves the purpose of both a dressing table as well as a storage space. This can be accessorized with the Hexel mirror as well which comes in a hexagon shape. The chest of drawers come with drawer units with a laminate finish and laminate top with the same artistic handles used for the side table. This can further be accessorized with the Hexel ottoman which can be used as a seating option or something to just put your feet up on after a long tiring day at work. The Hexel bedroom comes with two different mechanisms of wardrobes. These are the sliding wardrobe and the five door hinged wardrobe. Hinged doors tend to demand quite a space clearance to open completely, as they open outwards. If there is a dearth of space clearance for the doors then they tend to warp or de-shape with the passage of time. Sliding doors do not require any space clearance to open up owing to the sliding mechanism. These, therefore, omit the space limitations completely. Apart from the aesthetics that one wants for their space, they should evaluate the space properly prior to deciding the type of mechanism for their wardrobe door. Hinged doors serve well when the rooms are big or there is apt space clearance, while, sliding doors serve well even in confined and compact spaces. Both the Hexel wardrobes come with a laminate finish to match the other furniture in the room.


Imagine modern design with some earthy, green tones and movements. Can you? Well, that’s a totally different dimension, especially with the zen feel and earthy sounds. Here you can easily implement natural wood furniture and plants, or to play with the earthy tones so you can achieve the decor style way more subtler. Making a room modern and fancy with the zen tone has never been easier, let us introduce you the Boden Dining room. The use of earth toned materials in the house like furniture, area carpets or even walls, makes a room viable to any color and design which makes it more pretty and sophisticated! Dining room is the center of gathering in almost all homes. It is not only a gathering point for family and friends, but also a focal point in the home. Dining rooms are the place where many memorable moments happen – dinner parties, birthday celebrations, extended family get togethers and more. As the heart of the home, the dining room requires special attention when choosing furniture and décor accessories/items. The Hexel dining room comes with a laminate finish extendable and fixed dining table. The perk of having an extendable dining table is that it allows you to save on space when you don’t require it to seat numerous people. It is compact to you dining room space and can be extended when you decide to have friends over. The Hexel dining table chairs come in a dark colour matching the dining tables with solid wooden legs. The chairs have a woven fabric finish making them very comfortable. The dining console is often underused and overlooked, the console table is a delightfully versatile piece of furniture. It can actually be added to any space in your home, and is endlessly adaptable. You can use it to fill up empty spaces, draw attention, detract and accent. Console tables are flexible, multipurpose wonders! The Hexel dining console comes with a laminate finish and four shutters making it an excellent storage space. The dining console is accentuated by the console mirror which has the same laminate frame and comes in hexagon shape.