Living room is an important area where we receive our guests. It is well said that the first impression is the last impression. Hence, our living room must have an element that is not just eye-catching but is also functional. It is the most widespread area of the house where the whole family sits together for funny chats to serious discussions. Along with the pleasant ambiance, the other most important thing to bind everyone in the living room is furniture. Furniture should be both comfortable and useful so that our living room does not look messy even after the large gatherings. Also, it should have a peppy element in it so that we don’t feel bored with it after some time. The furniture in the living room differs depending on the needs of every house but the most common set of furniture which we can find in almost every house is a nice couch with a center table/coffee table complementing it. The choice of furniture plays an important role to give our house a classy look. It should be both comfortable as well as sassy to present us with a leisure time with our loved ones. If you are looking to build a house with modern interiors, and a contemporary lifestyle, the Arb living is a perfect example. The Arb themed living room is a combination of modern design, and luxurious fabric has been meticulously placed with beautiful brass foot designs. The Arb theme comes with a luxurious three seater and two seater sofa set that has a rustic look with its pastel coloured fabric. The special stitching details on the arms and the back of the sofa leave a lasting impression on anyone who lay their eyes on it! To add a zest of colour to the room we have the Arb armchair that comes in a deep tangerine colour in contrast to the bronze coloured sofa set. No living room is complete without the TV unit, one has to have a beautiful piece of furniture to place the primary source of entertainment in the living room. The Arb TV unit has a lacquered finish with wooden piping. The colour is a perfect match with the bronze sofa set. It has three open shelves and two pull out drawers which is perfect to store old magazines or newspapers which would other clutter the living room space. The open shelves are the perfect spot to place your TV attachments like a CD player or even a gaming console! As the TV unit is pretty wide, you can decorate it with items that add that pop of colour to the furniture piece. The Arb theme also comes with a wall unit which is an asymmetrical geometric design. The wall unit basically comprises of two open shelves with a laminate finish and the three pull out shutters with knobs for handles. Have you always felt that there should be a spot to keep your keys or have a quick look at yourself before getting out of the house? The arb foyer table is the answer to your prayers! This foyer table has wooden piping for legs and a lacquered top with two drawers. It also comes with a mirror with a laminate rim.


As per Vastu Shastra your bedroom is the place where your feet are and where your body finds rest. It is a place that needs to provide a sense of relief and peace to a weary body and mind; after all this is the space where you will come to crash after a hard day’s work and stress. While deciding upon the design and style of your bedroom you need to ensure that it is not crowded with useless stuff and that it has a peaceful and relaxing feel to it. When we talk about bedrooms; one thing that always works is simplicity. Yet, keeping it simple is more of a challenge than making it complex and intricate. The choice of furniture is very important for the bedroom, and thus choosing the right bed for your bedroom is essential. The Arb bedroom comes with both king size and queen size beds. The beds come in two variations of king size with storage and queen size with storage. So, if you are the type of person who hoards on bedsheets or quilts, and have no cupboard space for it, fear not, you can go for the beds with storage to store these. Inspired by the colonial times, the Arb bedroom is created with a unique technique of fluting on the headboard that adds a touch of flamboyance and enhances the retro charm. To stay in sync with the theme, the side tables also come with this matching fluting detail, that showcases a gorgeous combination of antique brown and stone laminate. And of course, no bedroom feels complete without a night stand by the bed. The Arb theme comes with a lacquered top and shutters of a marble laminate finish and wooden piping for legs. The Arb bedroom comes with two different mechanisms of wardrobes. These are the sliding wardrobe and the five door hinged wardrobe. Hinged doors tend to demand quite a space clearance to open completely, as they open outwards. If there is a dearth of space clearance for the doors then they tend to warp or de-shape with the passage of time. Sliding doors do not require any space clearance to open up owing to the sliding mechanism. These, therefore, omit the space limitations completely. Apart from the aesthetics that one wants for their space, they should evaluate the space properly prior to deciding the type of mechanism for their wardrobe door. Hinged doors serve well when the rooms are big or there is apt space clearance, while, sliding doors serve well even in confined and compact spaces. Both the Arb wardrobes come with a mix of lacquered and marble laminate finish match the beds We also have a chest of drawers that can be used as a dressing table. This comes with marble laminate finish and a lacquered top. To accompany the dressing table, we also have a mirror with a laminate frame. No dressing table is complete without a seating option and we have just the one for you! The Arb ottoman comes in a rustic fabric finish which is the perfect combination with the chest of drawers!


Dining room is the center of gathering in almost all homes. It is not only a gathering point for family and friends, but also a focal point in the home. Dining rooms are the place where many memorable moments happen – dinner parties, birthday celebrations, extended family get togethers and more. As the heart of the home, the dining room requires special attention when choosing furniture and décor accessories and items. One of the main and most important parts of dining room is the dining table, which is considered the centerpiece. It is important to arranged the dining room neatly and keep it clutter-free as it gives your room space to store excess kitchen equipment’s. Some of us have the luxury of a separate dining table but for the most of us, a dining table is a part of our living room or is the center of all the action in the kitchen. The old world charm comes alive in the Arb dining where each piece of furniture has its own identity. The grooves and the textured fabric exude class. Let’s start with the dining table. Different seating variations are available which depend on your needs and requirements such as 2 seating, 4 seating, 6 seating, 8 seating and many more, select the one which fulfills your needs and requirements. The arb theme comes with both a fixed dining table and an extended dining table you can choose from based on your needs. The dining tops are a mix of marble and lacquered finish with wooden piping for legs. The Arb theme also comes with a dining console, the console comes with a laminate stone finish and wood work that shines through to make a statement. The grooves and the textured fabric exude class while the mirrors with their fillet edges and angled cuts show the best of both worlds. So, come on over and check out our Arb theme and find out if this was your meant to be theme for your home!