A child’s surroundings can have a significant impact on how they grow and develop, so parents always try to make their children’s living spaces as comfortable and fun as possible within their means. Having a pastel color with simple decoration is one of the inspiration for the Ken room in order for them to have neutral color and the nuance or warm and calmness in their bedroom. Kid’s minds learn faster than we ever can imagine, so we would like to have a kid’s bedroom that would encourage and inspire creativity. Imagination plays a great role in developing your child’s mind. While allowing all these there are a different set of priorities with a child’s room, safety being the top among them. We need to also focus on natural light, colours and free spaces that will allow them to do all activities in their room. All good things come together in the Ken Bedroom. A play of light colours, pastel blues, greys, beige, white and brown form the canvas where natural wood grains are painted. The Ken bedroom comes with both a big and small size bed with a fabric headboard. So, you can choose the size based on the layout of the room. Both the beds come with a laminate finish. The winged headboard is not just unique but also has a beautiful contrast to the main frame. The bed is accompanied with a night stand or side table with a darker laminate finish to keep the night lamp. The Ken themed room also comes with a study table with three pull out drawers in a laminate finish. The handles come in a ring shape giving it a different touch from the rest of the room. The study table with the Ken theme is accompanied with the study table wall unit which is a mix of pastel colours and a laminate finish. IT has one open shelf and one push to open shutter. If this is not enough space to store the books there is always the Ken book case with open shelves and two shutter that can be used to store all study material or story books. This too comes in a mix of pastel colours and laminate finish. Last but not the least the Ken theme comes with a three door hinged wardrobe which has ample space to store clothes for every occasion and two laminate finish open shelves with it to place anything from photo frames to action figures!