One of the best ways to efficiently get homework done at home is to have a specific space that you study in. You might have a home office, but if you don’t, find somewhere else that you can work in. You’ll want a space big enough to lay out your books and notes, as well as a space where you feel comfortable enough to sit in for a couple hours at a time. Every adult student needs an inviting, focused environment at home. One of the most important ways to ensure you get your homework done successfully at home is to keep your books, notes, and other school materials organized and the Agafya study room is just that! The focus of any study room would be the study table and the Agafya study table is the study table everyone needs! It comes in a laminate finish with long white lacquered legs. The study table has three pull out drawers and plenty of space to keep stationary’s and your paperwork. There is no better place to get work done than the Agafya study table! Wondering where you will keep all the books that you own and need to refer to? The Agafya book shelf is just what you’re looking for! It comes in a laminate finish and a white lacquered finish frame. It has two racks to showcase all the books you would like to keep out for quick referencing. And two push to pull shutters for storage of books or files that you don’t need on an everyday basis. There are two types of storage unit in the Agafya theme. The Agafya storage narrow and the Agafya storage wide. The Agafya storage units come with two drawers with a laminate finish and a white lacquered frame. The only difference between the two is the length. The narrow storage takes up less space, however if you have no bar on space you can always go for the wide storage unit. The Agafya theme comes with a coffee table as well. In case you want to take that quick coffee break during a hectic work schedule. The coffee table comes with a laminate top and bottom board on white lacquered legs. Last but not the least the Agafya theme also comes with a side table, which has two sections, the top laminate boards and the bottom laminate board again on white lacquered frames. So, come on over and check out the Agafya study room at the Würfel Living showroom!