House designing is a real deal-maker. It involves determining every inch and the edge of your house, planning and executing, finalizing the room plans and layouts, and lastly, putting your actual thoughts into work. It is one long journey of house devising!

So, whether you hire an Interior designer or decide to be the master of your ideas, here are 10 life-changing decisions you must want to consider before getting into the interiors of your house.



Now, if you’re someone who believes in inaugurating the whole housing procedure with a Vastu plan. This is your first move. Before starting your house interior, hire a Vastu consultant and plan the Vastu for the entire house. Plan and create a layout of each and every room.


direction of the house

Your house needs to be in a certain pattern, look out for that pattern! Your main entrance should lead you to the living room and not the bedroom. Also, try to keep the kitchen in the center so it is easily accessible from every room. The basic pattern starts with the living room and ends with the bedroom. First, decide the pattern of your house and then go in for designing. Talk to your designer about the directions before beginning with the interiors.


Setting up the floor plans

Your house flooring needs attention! You can always opt for hardwood or tiles, or laminates. Hardwood is easy to clean and maintain and gives your floor a stylish look.


kitchen trends

It’s time to switch to the basics. Before considering your kitchen interiors, try to plan and modify the kitchen according to your style. Add extras! For instance, go for extra storage cabinets, a smoke-free chimney, installed microwave or ovens, or kitchens with the under-sink garbage disposal. When designing your kitchen, choose the right structure and layout. Be it an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen, design it according to the structure.


focal point of the room

The focal point is the charm of the room. It is the first thing that the viewers will notice. Highlight the best piece of your room. You can also add a stunning piece of furniture or accessory. Your focal point will be the star of your room, so make sure you choose the most attractive piece to bring attention.


work triangle of kitchen

The triangle rule works by placing the sink, fridge, and cooktop in such a way that they form a triangle shape will always work best for your kitchen. This rule can also make your kitchen look more spacious. Try to include more such rules in your house interior, it will help you get a new, trendy experience.


closet wardrobes

Your bedroom represents your personality and theme. Do your bedroom interior design with sliding or open-closed wardrobes. Go light and simple with the mattress. Add a piece of artwork that you adore and go all fancy with the mirrors and the curtains. Splash the color theme and work well with the textures.


wardrobe with smart storage

Be it your kitchen, living area, or the bedroom, always go big with the spacing. You can go for extra storage in your kitchen, with your wardrobe, and your seating area. You can solve your daily space troubles by adding extra storage in the kitchen and to your wardrobes. Including extra storage in your interior design can help you to organize your house in a more systematic pattern.


dining space in kitchen

This masterpiece can totally change your life. A kitchen island may provide you with appliances and cabinetry for storage. An island kitchen also comes with a dining space and it also provides extra storage for everyday essentials. This kitchen is a must if you plan for your kitchen interior.



Whatever decor you choose, make sure you don’t go overboard with things. Try to keep it simple and bright. Add geometric patterns, natural themes, floral prints, or vibrant colors. You can always incorporate lights to give your room a whole new look. Mix things up! You can also go for hanging planters to give your house a fresh and lovely look.

Here’s what some of our homeowners have asked us


How can I maximize space my tiny bedroom?

You can start, first, by discarding all the unnecessary things that do not belong in the bedroom. You can start by maximizing space under the bed, this will help you with storage. Keep it light and bright, add minimum. Work on wardrobes, organize it like a pro and add more storage to it.


Which is the best kitchen interior style?

The most popular kitchen layouts are U-shaped kitchens, L- shaped kitchens, and island kitchens, two island kitchens, galley kitchens, and peninsular kitchens. Choose the right layout according to your kitchen space. Whatever design you choose, try to make it look more spacious. There must be enough space for you to freely move in the kitchen.


How can I design the interiors of my living room?

While designing your living room, aspects like space availability, flooring, wall color, furniture, and accessories, etc. play a crucial role. You can go for wooden flooring and can add textures. Choose your color scheme carefully, your living room atmosphere should calm you. Don’t overcrowd the furniture, always try to keep it simple and easy.

What are some of the most popular house interior styles?

There are varied of house designing styles. Some of the popular ones are- Modern style, traditional, rustic, modern+classic, retro, contemporary, minimalistic, elegant country, etc. Choose your style according to your mood. All the designs follow different patterns and layouts. Decide your style and start designing!

How can I make my kitchen interior more attractive?

Work on your kitchen design. Choose your kitchen counter according to the available space. You can go for vibrant colors like yellow, orange, red, etc. and make sure you plan to build extra storage. To make your kitchen more elegant, you can always add indoor plants and can roll a few pieces of art. Add the latest and essential kitchen trends to make your kitchen look more clean and attractive.

So, how are you going to do your house interior next time? Let us know in the comments section below.

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