Just because you don’t have enough room in your kitchen for a 5-burner hob, French door fridge or a double-bowl sink, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on the functionality or style of your kitchen. With smart planning and organization, it’s easy to build the perfect kitchen layout that is functional, chic and offers extra space to move around.

Just how a plate of flavorful nachos needs more finely chopped vegetables, salsa sauce for a tangy twist and melted cheese on top for that final touch, your kitchen requires just as much of a finishing touch. Kitchens are spaces that bear the burden of holding too many things, squeezed in cabinets and racks. It does not get the recognition it deserves. While designing a home, it is often put together carelessly and without smart planning.

Here are five space-saving ideas to max out space in your kitchen. From smart appliances to innovative storage options and minute details that create all the magic.

Increase the Storage Quotient

When you think of a kitchen, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is cabinets! It brightens your modular kitchen space, making objects appear fancier. Cabinets can be more than functional storage units, they serve as a fantastic space-saving solution. They hide clutter, add depth to your kitchen, and confer texture to space. You can also use them to enhance the space visually and ensure you get maximum storage solutions.

Design Tip: Utilize every millimeter in your kitchen by adding the right blend of open cabinets, shelves, magic corners and wicker baskets. Avoid leaving dead spaces and change them into storage docks for smart appliances. A few space-saving hacks can make the best use of every inch in small kitchens and look beautiful too.

Add A Wash-Up Station

Simplify the wash and dry process with an elegant washing station. A stand to dry dishes over your sink is a quick space-saving solution and one that is functional too. Water from these dishes drains off straight into the sink than on the worktops. The use of conventional baskets and racks near the sink take up space, hence it’s better not to use them at all.

Consider A Pull-Out Pantry

Give your kitchen a modern look with the ever-clever pull-out pantry. Imagine large pickle jars, oil dispensers and a box advertising half-empty snack packets, it isn’t something you wish to put on display, right? If you don’t have enough space for a proper pantry, do not worry! Just employ a pull-out one instead.

Design Tip: Select a pull-out pantry proportionate to the space with a lot of internal drawers and shelves to store as much.

Switch to A No Door Policy

Unlock the doors to the magical land of flavors! Let go of that kitchen door! It’s quite a simple design hack and makes a tiny room appear much larger. Better still, widen the entrance or remove an entire wall. Opening up your kitchen space is more than style, a little extra space to move around keeps two cooks from crashing into each other as well!

Design Tip: Ditch your kitchen door, and you will notice an instant addition of space. Add a floor to ceiling sized mirror that will make your kitchen space appear wider, and adds a touch of style. And there! You have an instant space-saving solution.

Small kitchens are no less than a blessing. They offer a lot of options to experiment with; all it takes is a space-saving approach to make the best of them. The more you examine your tiny kitchen, the more the opportunities seem unlimited.

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