Reusing old furniture allows you the opportunity to save money as well as give the old furniture a new function. So, before you throw these old gems away, give a shot at refurbishing them.

And better yet, you’ll find that these old furniture pieces can make a new furniture piece altogether. Rather than simply opting for polishing or repainting by a professional, you need to apply thought and use some ideas, which would give your furniture a new look while also improving their functionality.


You would be surprised at how these ideas and tips can literally transform your old furniture.


The conventional furniture most homes have is made from wood. Over the years, this furniture gets damaged, chipped, or simply becomes dull. Let’s take an old dresser for example.

A wooden dresser that has become worn out can easily be converted into a book shelf. With a little paint and some polish, you can make this a colourful bookshelf for your study room or your kids bedroom!

An old dresser table can also be converted into an island counter for your kitchen, increasing storage and counter space. With a customized countertop and some new paint, you can convert this furniture into a beautiful island for your kitchen.

It not only saves you thousands of rupees and you can add an element of “handmade” in your kitchen!



A lot of old homes have a wooden ladder lying around. Don’t throw it out just yet! These old ladders make excellent living room décor. Not only does it make good conversation but it also adds a rustic element to the room.

You can use the steps to hang planter boxes and have petite indoor plants in them. You can even hang pictures off this and make it a display of all those good old memories.


If you have old trunks and boxes that look faded and lost its charm, don’t even think about throwing it out! They still remain useful, they make excellent coffee side tables or a spot to place a good picture frame.

In most cases, the frame of a good quality sofa remains strong for several years. Only the tapestry or the cloth may need replacement. This of course is done by a professional sofa maker but you can select the cloth and color of your choice.

You can add a few layers of foam and it’s like a whole new sofa set that you’ve just achieved.


A headboard can be given new life as a hanging rack by just screwing on a few hooks to it, transforming the headboard into a towel or coat rack for guests.

You can paint the headboard any colour that goes well with the colour of your wall and décor of your home. An old door finds can find a new life as a coffee table.

The rustic finish is perfect for a family room, you can put your feet up, spill juice on it, not use your coaster, it doesn’t matter, it just adds to the natural element of the table.



An antique book case can be given a good polish and converted into a very fancy looking bar unit. You can even add some bronze paint to give it a rustic finish.

If you have an easel that’s just lying around and not in use, you can easily convert it into a TV stand or frame. If you have an old wooden chair that has lost its charm, you can convert it into a rocking chair swing!

Just get rid of the legs and use the chair as the seat instead of a plank of wood. You can even add a few cushions to give it a more cozy feel.

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