If you have a small and compact kitchen, it’s important to design the kitchen corners efficiently to make their deep recesses more accessible. It will also minimize the risk of injury resulting from stretching too much trying to get at a utensil in the back or bumping one’s head against the underside of the counter while reaching in to retrieve an item.

Nowadays, one can find several innovative ideas for corner cabinets. They come in a variety of designs like pull out systems and pivoting mechanism to help organize the space better.


Blind corners are a creative way of using your corner space that would otherwise have been a waste of space. The blind corner allows home owners to access the empty space created when two walls of the cabinet meet at a corner. This space is accessible with a single cabinet door.

As it may be a little difficult to access these, people often use a swing pull out system for easier access to vessels that are stored in this corner. You can also install corner drawers to this area to store your cutlery ware. Another commonly used technique is by installing rotating trays or lazy Susans.

This classic storage solution lets you place dishes, strainers, pots and pans on turnstiles and access them with a twirl of the finger. It doesn’t completely eliminate bending and reaching, but it does make the space easier to access and, as a result, more functional.

Another way of making good use of your corner space is by the use of floating shelves. The benefit of using floating shelves is that they need minimal space since they are hung from the wall and are available in an array of shapes, materials and colors, so they can suit any and not just the kitchen. They are also easy to install. Floating shelves can also serve as a wall decoration in the kitchen.



Corners are often never even considered as a space of keeping a cooking range, because a cooking range often occupies a lot of space. But corner spaces are great for installing a hob, since they help maintain the layout of a kitchen work triangle, brighten up a corner and also look good with a backsplash.

The corner space is also a great space to install your kitchen sink. The washing area at the centre of the cooking zone is an ideal place for you to keep the place tidy once you’ve finished cooking a meal.

The corner space can also be converted into a seating area or even into a makeshift eating area. You can either add a small kitchen table with chairs or convert it into a lounging area with a few cushions and an ottoman.

If you want to keep your cooking ingredients within reach, you can insert a custom-built corner pantry into your kitchen design. This transitional kitchen has a pantry placed at an equal distance between the range and sink, which can speed up food prep time for some homeowners.

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