Smart ergonomic kitchens are very important in modular kitchens than any other rooms in your house. Every individual requirement plays a key role in how to plan the kitchen. An ergonomic kitchen is customised according to available space in the kitchen.

The kitchen depends on cabinet storages and appliance cabinets which are easy to fill and empty at the eye level, with the help of customisation we can make loft cabinets as part of the storage.

You can also design, keeping in mind the counter top and considering waist height of women which would be comfortable while cooking. Please keep in mind, kitchen work can become difficult and unpleasant if you’re constantly on the move, awkwardly bending and stretching, twisting and ducking as you struggle to reach the tools and ingredients that you need to cook dinner with.

Important in this regard, is the choice of a suitable kitchen top. This should accommodate your usual practices at the sink area.


 Plan your kitchen by dividing 3 categories



Kitchen is the heart of a home and specially where a woman spends most of the time in a day. Kitchen is not just important for cooking but brings a family close.

A functional kitchen provides effective usage of storage, convenience at all times and easy maintenance. All women have a dream to make a nice kitchen and which meets all the requirements along with customization, which is a big task.

In an optimally furnished kitchen, you can manage and control everything easily and intuitively. To run this task easily, the kitchen design has to be divided into 3 zones – work area, wash area and appliances area. Floor level cabinet drawers are ideal for storing plates, cookware, kitchenware and small appliances.

This is especially useful when you’re in a hurry and need to access things quickly and easy to use storage units, faucets, appliances to make ergonomic sense and mean extra convenience when tackling everyday kitchen.

This planning will help you to improve efficiencies and enhance the woman’s experience of key living area in kitchen.

How can we make our life better with a good kitchen?

You can reach out to professional kitchen brands who understand your needs and provide you with the best solution while customising your kitchen, provide the top-quality product, mechanisms or hardware and provide a hassle-free experience of installation and without your supervision.

 Cabinet storage organising



Always start your storage from base cabinets with openable shutters, pots, pan and pull-outs. You will find yourself in a mess if the storage isn’t well designed in your kitchen.

Use ergonomics to design cabinets and cutlery cupboards to avoid constantly searching for containers, bottles and storage items. Customise kitchen cabinets to organise ideas to improve the functionality of your kitchen.

To optimise storage including drawers and pull-outs make organising effortless, tall cabinets with accessories like pantry units can ease storage of groceries and take care of ergonomics and it takes care of pretty much everyone in the home – from children to older people who have trouble accessing utensils.

Storage is the major element of the kitchen and can make your working organised and with the latest technologies with soft close mechanisms in hardware which increases the life of a kitchen.

Apart from storage another area to store appliances like oven, microwave, mixers, blenders, etc. which can help to increase working space on the countertop.



Last but not the least, is the decision on what kind of shutter finish you should opt for that influences the efficiency of your kitchen. Open shelves give you the luxury of easy access and add to the feel in your kitchen.

However, if you’re not the type to clean shelves regularly and still want this feature then the boards are easy to clean with wet magic sponge, also you can have a selection of plain glass or frosted glass.


Let us know how would you like your kitchen design to be in the comments section below.

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