Walls are blank canvases. They connect and fortify, build and relive memories.

Walls aren’t to be taken lightly. The way in which you decorate and embellish can either lift the mood of your home or create spaces that define the overall look.

Wall showcase designs enhance the look and feel of walls. There are several ways to make them beautiful and attractive.

When we design our home we often begin by putting together collectibles. A bunch of paintings, photographs, some art or handicrafts to fill up blank walls. This creates a haphazard look and feel, a disconnect that can ruin a beautiful home. With a majority of urban Indian homes having limited space, placing items on the floor doesn’t make much sense. It is best for them to make wall showcases to display items, place important gadgets and show pretty items.

The living room is a space that showcases a home. Obviously then, its walls and interiors must be done in the best way possible and be put together in line with the decor and furniture. If the design is modern minimalist, then the decor will reflect straight lines and minimal distractions. Similarly, bright, psychedelic interiors do well with strategically placed mirrors and lighting. Whatever your desired look maybe, below are a few amazing ideas for wall showcase designs for your living room.


Photographic Wall Showcases

Photograph studded wall showcase for memories and nostalgia.

Photos are a must in every home. Most of us collect them to reminisce, gather memories, keep track of the passage of time as reminders. Showcases that are full of photographs are reminiscent of traditional homes. a collage of pictures or solitary frames. They help in giving context and an old world charm to your living room.


Television Showcases Are Trending

Minimalist showcases for television and gadgets is a popular choice.

TV’s need bigger niches and shelves for placing gadgets, apart from books and knick-knacks. Modular showcases are very popular. They can be stacked ceiling to the wall with gadgets and appliances or crafted smaller just for this single one.


As Simple as You Please

Just a simple, straight shelf puts the neglected space behind the sofa to good use. Add a personal touch with family portraits and memorabilia that also become the focal point of the room.


Chic Contemporary Showcases For Complete Style

An open shelf contemporary showcase design makes a chic statement.

Sleek and complementing contemporary styles showcases arose from the need to lend texture to living rooms and create points of interest throughout the space.


Wall Showcases With Lighting

Showcases with focus lighting focus on decor you want to highlight.

Showcases can be lit up subtly for a more modern, stylish look. Inbuilt LED’s and lighting placed strategically in the showcase are used to focus on statement pieces. These in turn are designed to complement the lighting around the room.


Minimalist Showcase Design



A simple, sleek living room showcase echoes style.

Minimalist showcase designs echo style without compromise on function. They are understated, elegant and styled with different niches. In simple basic colors and designs, they are able to showcase books, curios and artefacts without calling too much attention, blending subtly into the room. They are unusual, chic and stylish and go better with minimalist deconstructed homes.



As important as the looks are, so too the criteria when building them. Always make a note of the below pointers before crafting one for your home.

SPACE – Create a showcase design after measuring the dimensions of the room. You can choose to craft a collection of showcases or a single one depending on the space available.

SHAPE – The shape of the wall showcase depends on your likes as well as the general design of the space. Complement and enhance a room with the right kind of showcase design.

BUDGEB – Budgets for showcases vary depending on the design, complexity, material used and structure.



A beautifully designed wall showcase can look like a work of art in itself. Play around with the colours and finishes, and install the unit in a way that complements your style.

Let us know your ideas of how you have designed your living room.

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