Relax, socialize, flaunt, but in an innovative way in your living room. You can have endless possibilities and ideas to spark up  your living room with simple and innovative showcase designs.

Your living room is a place to relax, welcome your guests, spend an evening with family, or just use it as a lounge. It’s the face of your home, speaks a lot about your personality and taste. You can always make your living space stand out and clutter free through showcase designs.

While designing your living room wall, it’s a good idea to think about key aspects like space, colors, shape, furniture, accessories and artifacts.

The right design can be incorporated if you calculate the space available on your wall.

It’s completely based on your taste or selection for shape, can be an open theme with shelves all over, or closed cabinets.

Creative combination of materials, stylish hues and decoration patterns infuse personality into home interiors and turn walls into spectacular architectural features.

So before showcasing your valuable stuff in your living room check out a few innovative yet elegant designs to enhance the spaces attraction.

If you are an avid reader and would like to display your collection of books – twin book shelves can add the feather in the cap. The two tall vertical or horizontal bookshelves are anchored and balanced by the vertical/ horizontal storage in two tiers. You can opt for the closed cabinets or open shelves which provide valuable extra storage for anything you may want to stow away.

Wooden symmetric showcase design



You can optimize the entire wall as shown in this picture, the wood panel around the shelves runs up with a matching wood tone to the floor and furniture. Experiment with various materials, shapes, textures and colours.

The shape of your living room showcase design are not limited to a linear wall only, we can even play around with the corners. You get an extended wall showcase with ample space to place your items. The contrast of colours on showcase to your wall or any light coloured wall with bright colour showcase can be a great option too. When it comes to corner showcase design, it’s always good to go with an open theme throughout the wall and add character to it.

Showcase your item in style and strike up a conversation with your guests. Elongated decorative wall shelf with a sleek geometric design, simple and minimalistic which can be placed in your living area, dining area or bedroom. Usually known as floating shelves. All you need to do is just calculate the dimensions according to the wall size and pick the right colour according to wall and your furniture as it can be a blunder if we miss a single point.

Edgy and innovative open shelf seems to meander along the wall in a beautiful way.

Black is always beautiful, black and white make a stunning combination. The beauty of these designs lies in its simplicity and the fact that they can be easily recreated to go well with the space available.



Drawers not in use at home? Don’t throw them as you can get really creative with these unused materials we throw outside our house every time. These drawers can be used as your showcase design wall or to keep your favorite collection of books.

Old photo frames at home can give you a unique showcase design in your living room. You would just need an old photo frame, paint and wooden shelves. All you just need to do is fix the board horizontally to the frame and we are ready to showcase your favorite things.

There are endless ways to reuse your frames at home with unique and innovative styles to enhance your living room wall.

Lights play a vital role in showcasing your items or the things you would want to highlight in your living room, add spot lights or you can also stick to strip lights that would make the living room look more beautiful and spacious.

A beautifully designed wall showcase can look like a work of art in itself. Play around with the colours and finishes, and install the unit in a way that compliments your style. Smart wall showcase designs for living rooms also have a pop of colour. The designs can brighten up your room and give a new life to the entire space while making it sophisticated without cluttering.

Let us know your ideas of the showcases  you have installed in your living room in the comment section below.

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