Lighting/ illumination is a use of light to achieve practical or aesthetic effects. Lighting includes the use of both artificial light sources like lamps and fixtures, as well as natural illumination by capturing daylight


How does lighting help in study room?



According to the elder folk, reading in very less light would damage our eyes however the doctors confirm that there is no evidence to prove that having poor lighting while reading will ruin your vision. But, what the doctors do believe is that with sufficient lighting, headaches and eye strains will be a lot lesser, which will make reading more comfortable. To choose the best lighting for your home is not that easy. Here are some points that will help you choose the best lighting for your study room.


Different types of Lighting for Study room


1.Table Lamps and Desk Lamps



For a both fashionable and functional the lamps are the best choice, whether Sleek and interesting you will find many options for lamps which will allow you to incorporate your personalities and taste. Lamps are of many uses other than just looking good, when you find yourself sleepy when at the study table its better you go ahead with a LED lamp so it brightens things up on the table.

Desk lamps can be adjustable also the neck of the lamp in various angles to a particular area of your desk. These lamps help you illuminate on a particular space on the study table instead of the entire room, which is best when you want to study late at night.


2.Wall Mounted Lamps



If you love reading magazines, books and working, a wall mounted lamp is perfect for you especially if you have a small room. Wall mounted lamp is a space-saving alternative for a mounted lamp. You can install it on the wall. This type of fixture is adjustable to target light in the direction of your work area.


3.Spot Lighting



Recessed/spot lighting is another option for direct lighting on your study table. Spot lights have evolved into a modern way, these lights are best for implementing general and ample lighting. They can also be placed in a particular area of your study room and this light can be controlled by a dimmer switch, which allow you to take full control of how your room wants to be lit.


4.Natural Light


Natural lighting is one of the best type of lights for your study room and the best part is that it’s free! Natural light creates a positive impact on your mood, and is especially good for your eyes. It helps to reduce stress on your eyes while reading or writing. If you have a window in your room, try to place your desk near it.


5.Pendant Lighting


Pendant lighting is an upcoming popular light because of its flexibility and its modern looks. It gives you direct light on the study table and is very sturdy as it is attached to the ceiling. Pendant light fixtures add a distinct design feature to your room, and they save space on your study table.


Three Ways Good Lighting Can Make You Feel Better About Studying


1.Better Posture


Better posture increases your attention while reading or studying, an uncomfortable position may lead to losing of concentration. Bad lighting can also cause eye strain and headaches. Make sure you have plenty of task lighting and take regular breaks to stretch, as it will help you to concentrate.


2.Improved Mood


Poor lighting can transform any space into a depressing and stressful situation. No one can study under those conditions, they tend not to remember anything that they have read, it’s always the best to use ambient lighting as it creates a calm and productive study area.


3.Reduce Eye Strain


Good study lighting not only reduces eye strain, which tends to irritate and leads to dry eyes and red eyes. Eye fatigue often leads to headaches and migraines which is bad. It’s always best to have the lights adjusted as it makes a difference to your eyesight.

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