We live in a digital age, where everything is accessible with the touch of a button but no technology can be compared or can replace the feeling of a good book in your hands.

When a passionate reader designs a home, he/she would not miss out on designing a designated space for his/her best friends, the books! A book showcase would be one of their top priorities.

If you are a traditional reader when it comes to books, having hard copies will add more value to your book collection, which in turn makes for a variety of ideas for interior decor. Much like art and accessories, your books can help you show off your personality, hobbies and passions.

The best part about a book showcase is that they can be built virtually anywhere, such as an area of your living room that might be unused, any walls on the hallway or even in the empty space on the wall that has the television unit fixed.


Home libraries are more intimate

For any book lover, a dedicated reading corner with shelves filled with books is everything a book lover dreams for, understanding the need to have adequate space in the house for the ever-growing collection of books is a major step in making a booklovers dream come true.

An ideal book showcase doesn’t necessarily mean there needs to be a bookshelf next to a comfy chair. A bookshelf can also be paired up with a coat of decorative paint or lacquer to match the décor of your home.

There are several ways to make a book showcase beautiful and attractive, rather than cramming up books in an ordinary shelf, you can add some collectibles, handicrafts, art work, small plants to create a more interesting space, with a majority of urban Indian homes having limited space, placing books on the floor or at any random place would not be a viable solution.

A wall mounted book showcase that hangs on the wall is easy to get done and maintain, with variety of finishes and styles.

Contemporary book showcases can be made of wood, metal or other materials without creating a chaos or removing the sense of elegance of the living space or room.


Book showcases can be fancier with textured glass in a variety of colour combinations, contemporary designs or different materials and elegant lighting.

Multi-shelf book showcases have interconnected spaces to store a variety of items, they can be used for books of different height and textures. You can craft a collection of showcases or a single showcase depending on the space available and the number of books you own.

Your bedside table can be an essential place to store some of your favorite books. By having your favorite books easily accessible, you can read a couple of chapters before bed instead of staring at the screen of your phone. While stacking is always an option, a small shelf to accommodate the books, a little support from the alarm clock and lamp cord keeps this mini library stable and only an arm’s length away.

It’s always good to have a lot of greenery in and around your home, but sometimes, due to space constraints it is not possible to accommodate the amount of plants we desire. This is where your book shelf come in action. Stack some of your sturdiest books to create some extra platforms for your favorite plants or flowers. Any boring corner in your home will immediately come to life with this simple trick, you can further highlight the space by playing with some wall colours or textures to enhance the space. You can have a book shelf designed for stacking your books in different directions.

When you put your books on a traditional shelf, you’re left with only seeing the binding of the book with its name and author. This is normal, but the cover art is often what we really want to have on display. Install a few small ledges to stand your most creatively designed books for all to see. We know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but we can’t help doing that can we?


Book showcase along with the combination of soft lights is absolutely a modern style of design that you can opt for your living or study room decor. Even the shelves and blocks on the wall is a great idea to decorate your home, particularly living room! Therefore, if you are tired of those conventional designs, then this one is definitely the best idea, which can elegantly highlight your living room

Recycled wooden crates and boxes can be put together to create a simple yet innovative book shelf, that looks modern and also promotes ecofriendly and sustainable living.

Simple wall ledges can transform any bare wall into a functional book shelf or storage space.

The cabinet style book showcase is one in which you can easily keep all your stuff. The best part is that it won’t occupy too much space on the wall.

Last but not the least, always use colours that match your decor theme and showcase your cherished collections of books with an amazing book showcase.

Let us know in the comment section below if you are a book lover and how you have displayed your books in your home.

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