Buying a house is one thing and doing it up is another! House ownership always tops our wish list. And there are zero compromises if it’s your first home. But, aren’t we all aware of all the hassles that come along? It often begins with a plunge of daunting decisions and considerations. And, also, it takes a lot of factors and essentials to convert a blank space into an excellent piece of perfection. With a tint of modification, you can achieve this perfect blend of excellence and class. Make a novel choice and let your new house talk about your style.

Stay tuned with the latest housing trends and consider these must-haves, next time, before buying a new house.


Determine the spacing


space in House

Spacing is a must and important. Your house needs to be spacious and not confined. Before you buy a house determine each and every space of your house and then plan accordingly. For instance, your bedroom must be spacious enough to fit its essentials. Similarly, the kitchen must have enough space for a kitchen counter, sink, cabinets, refrigerator, etc. Leave some space while placing your furniture and try to coordinate things.


Don’t overwork things



Simplicity is the new trend! Try to give your house a  simple and elegant touch. Before buying any accessory or furniture for your house, think and ask yourself, do you really need it? In the end, you need your house to comfort you and not bother you. Go easy with the colors, accessories, and chattels. Avoid things that will block your way because the ultimate goal is to make the house look simple and not complicated. Avoid huge furniture and accessories.

Good lighting is always a go-to


lighting in house

One of the best home decors is its natural lighting. A combination of neutrals and natural light can never go wrong. Make sure your new house has an abundance of natural light and walls with neutral colors. Also, soft and warm built-in-lights will give the feeling of tranquility and leisure. Be certain that the lights and lamps used are positioned precisely and levels the room vibe. You can work the 10-30-60 rule here by mixing the color scheme by choosing a dominant shade, a secondary shade, and an accent shade. This rule balances the colors in the space.

Greens are essential


greenery in house

Don’t hesitate to go green with your house. Make sure your house is surrounded by greens. Install indoor plants to give your house a fresh, clean, and radiant look. Small plants in your living area, bedroom as well as the kitchen will enhance the look of your house and can help fight indoor negative vibes. These indoor plants can benefit you in many ways, it gives you a natural scent by purifying the air and helps you with restful sleep, plus, it can also help you improve your mental health.

Cling to classics


classic house design

This one is very important! Keep your unique style in mind and when you start filling the spaces of your room, make sure you do it step by step. Go with simple pieces and the ones that won’t look outmoded after a few years. Craft your room with things that you won’t regret later and will adore forever.


Here’s what some of our homeowners have asked us


How can I make my space look more elegant on a budget?


elegant house

One of the best ways to make your kitchen look rich with a low budget is to go for crown molding.  Crown molding is a way of styling the ceiling. Crown molding makes your room look complete or furnished. It has its own way to bring the ceiling and walls together, giving the room an elegant touch. Other factors like window treatments, color selection, holders and cabinets will help you get your desired look.

How can I create a cozy space in my house?


cozy space in house

First things first, start by updating your bed and other comfort-related elements. Go with soft and warm light and work on linen. Do not hesitate to bring a few changes and try to bring comfort by discarding unwanted stuff. Add more cushions and comfy chairs to make it look spacious.

How can I fill the empty spaces of my house?


use empty space

Sometimes it is better to leave a few empty spaces but if you’re someone who can’t work with it then there are plenty of ways you can cover it off with. The best solution is to put a small nursery because indoor plants definitely change the look or you can toss the corner off with a painting or a sculptured art, whatever suits your liking.

How can I make my room look bigger?



Make sure you paint your wall white, this will make your room look calm and rich. Use different lamps instead of one single overhead light, make use of big decorative accents and remember to work well on curtains. Try to use floor-to-ceiling curtains. Use rugs and opt for large furniture, this will work wonders for you. Go all fancy with the wardrobes, go with high wardrobes, keep it chic yet simple.

What can be an add on in my kitchen?


storage for kitchen

Kitchen is the heart of a house and you really need to work hard to keep it sleek and elegant. Work on its color and add accessories like cabinets, a different storage unit, a microwave, an oven, a pantry works well too. In fact, installing a pantry will make your daily errands easier and it will give your kitchen a unique yet stylish look. You can also class it up by adding vintage dishes, framed wallpaper or fabrics, etc.

Which tip will you consider next time before buying a house? How was your first house hunting experience? Let us know in the comments section below.

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