The wardrobe is a storage box for our bedroom essentials and we tend to stuff every possible thing in it, making it look messy and cluttered day-by-day. An organized wardrobe can genuinely solve your ‘I have nothing to wear’ issue. It can also help you find that old dress that you have been searching from the past six months. Basically, an organized wardrobe can solve half of your clothing, storage, and maintenance issue. An organized wardrobe looks neat and clutter-free and if done correctly can help you create extra space to store all your collections.


Once you’re done emptying the whole wardrobe, start by decluttering all the items into categories. Separate your clothes, accessories, belts and bags. And make different sections for dresses, pants, tops, winter wear, outerwear, nightwear, undergarments, etc. Toss all of your accessories and jewelry into a small storage box. Belts and bags will again have a different place. If you set things according to their categories, it later becomes easier for you to locate them without messing the whole wardrobe.

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Store your regulars in the front section, so that you can easily spot them on a busy, chaotic morning. You can keep the less-used items on the bottom shelf along with your warm clothes. Stuffing everything in the same place will again bring you to the starting point of organizing.

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One-in, one-out is the universal and till date the best rule for organizing. It is pretty straightforward, and all you have to do is, discard an old item every time you add something new to your wardrobe. Confused? Here is an example. Bought a new dress? Great! Now time to get rid of that skirt that has been sitting there, untouched, for almost a whole year. This practice will help you manage your clothes more systematically. While organizing, you can always divide your clothes into three sections – 1. Rare use 2. Discard 3. Donate.

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Toss your scarves, stoles and dupattas on hangers. Doing this will keep your scarves wrinkle-free and of course will save a lot of your wardrobe space. You can easily access them without unsettling the other items.

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Storage boxes are lifesavers! Try to include as many storage boxes as possible and use them for miscellaneous things. All your make-up essentials, perfumes and other accessories can be kept in the storage boxes. This way, every item will have a specific storage place and will be easy to access and maintain.

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Here’s what a few of our homeowners have asked us

How do I maintain and organize my small wardrobe?

The main problem with a small wardrobe is storage. So, organizing a small closet can be a task, but fortunately, possible! First, start by removing all the items that do not belong in the wardrobe. Your wardrobe must only have the required essentials like every day wear. Use the above loft space to store you extra suitcases, or you can also put your storage boxes there. Use hangers to organize your clothes neatly and store extra clothing in a storage box. You can also increase your space by installing under shelf baskets. Avoid storing bags and shoes in the case of a small wardrobe.

How can I maximize my wardrobe space?

Start by decluttering and storing things by categories. Get rid of outfits that don’t fit you anymore. Don’t stuff everything in the wardrobe; only the wardrobe essentials must be in and rest all, out. You can install hooks on the inside part of the door to hang extra clothes. Adding storage boxes can solve half of your storage issues. Utilize each and every corner, including the floor as well as the loft space. You can also label your storage to ease future confusions.

Which cloth to hang and which one to fold in the wardrobe?

Folding and hanging can help you to keep your wardrobe decluttered. But certain clothes while folded can leave a forever wrinkle mark on the material. So start hanging outfits like dresses, blouses, dress pants and trousers, jackets and coats, skirts, scarves and stoles. And start folding garments like t-shirts, undergarments, jeans and khakis, and heavily decorated gowns.

How can I color-code my wardrobe?

Color-coordinating your wardrobe is way too functional than it seems. It not only makes your wardrobe look beautiful but also makes it easier for you to spot things out more clearly. First things first, start by decluttering your clothes into different categories and create color blocks within each group. Use the rainbow (ROY G BIV) to color-coordinate. You can create a separate section for patterned and colorful clothes.

Color Coordinating also gives an elegant and vibrant look to your wardrobe and makes your mornings less messy.

Is a sliding wardrobe a better option?

A wardrobe is a long-term purchase and every little aspect counts when buying one. Wardrobes are now available in different materials, designs and colors. Sliding wardrobes are stylish and functional. Sliding wardrobes are great space savers and are very easy to open and close. These modern style closets have a high gloss finishes and they add vibrancy to your room. Sliding wardrobes are ideal for small rooms and are available in different sizes and dimensions.

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