Cologne is a finish that uses synchronized laminate which is the perfect replacement for natural veneer as it gives the same look and feels like a natural veneer. The use of synchronized laminate saves the environment as it looks as real as a natural veneer. The maintenance cost of synchronized laminate is much lower as compared to natural veneer. The life of synchronized laminates is much longer than conventional laminates. It gives the feeling of natural wood. It is highly resistant to burns and strains. Synchronized laminates are attractive laminates with textures that give a refined tactile feel. Cologne explores multiple mediums to enhance that particular feel. The surface texture is seamlessly synchronized with the decor patterns and this effortless synchronization makes the laminates indistinguishable from solid. woods and veneers. Cologne undergoes a high-pressure laminate procedure. It is produced by attaching the décor paper at high pressure to the kraft paper. High pressure laminates have a high level of durability. The Cologne finish has 7 different colour options that you can choose from so you have wide range of option to find the perfect one that will suit your home. This comes in a matt finish and a standard size of 2850x2100mm. Synchronized laminates are basically decorative laminates that looks like real wood, the technology that is used renders an unmatchable natural look. These laminates are specially crafted with embossed surfaces that replicate the actual wood grain design in a highly realistic manner. You can feel the texture of the natural wood grain on synchronized laminates. The Würfel Brunn kitchen features a Cologne finish. The matte black lacquer shutters add sheen to this beautiful kitchen and are great for modern contemporary style kitchen cabinets, and certainly provides you with more options to play with in the design spectrum. Scratches and imperfections are less noticeable as compared to high gloss finish which captures more light in turn making marks more noticeable. Matt finishes are much more calming and soothing as compared to the drama of high gloss. If you are interested in giving your home a laminate finished look you can find out more about our quotes @here or drop us an email at Würfel is India’s biggest modular kitchen and wardrobe brand in the country with 37 showrooms across the country. It was also awarded the best modular kitchen brand by Times Business award consecutively for 2018 & 2019. Würfel was also awarded the most Innovative Kitchen award by India Kitchen Congress consecutively in the year of 2019 and 2020. You can also find the closest store to you by clicking the link below.