Modular kitchens have witnessed a sweeping growth in the past few years and with no uncertainty, we have seen a huge population switching its ways towards these sleek kitchenettes. Reason being its highly efficient functionality and design meant for your convenience. These kitchens are versatile and can be flawlessly attached to your built-in fixed platforms. Embedded with a whole range of utilitarian gadgets, built to suit your house architecture, these kitchens are classy and stylishly made to soothe your cooking experience.

If you’re anyway near to install a modular kitchen, make sure to add these simple yet effective kitchen gadgets to your collection.

Dish Draining Racks

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

This smartly designed rack comes with a steel tray that collects all the utensil-dripped water, protecting your kitchen modules. This steel tray is placed right beneath the rack. You can directly place your washed utensils in the dish draining rack, and the tray set below will collect the water. All you have to do is remove the tray, throw the water and then place it back in. This device is super helpful and time-saving.

Magic corners

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

Magic corners are an absolute magical solution for your kitchen corners.   These cabinets are specially designed for the corner area which is usually left unnoticed. These cabinets are capable of covering two complete storage units placed next to each other in one corner cabinet. When opening the cabinet door, it will first bring you the first section of the fitting out, while the back section will move forward for more optimal access. This type of accessibility offers about a whole new level of organizational opportunities to your corners.

Below the sink dustbins

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

As the name suggests, below the sink dustbins are placed underneath the sink. These dustbins come with three garbage bins to help you segregate your dry, wet, and general everyday garbage. These bins are easy to manage and provides you with extra storage, saving your floor space. Plus, these dustbins are hidden under the sink cabinets, so you don’t have to worry about nasty looking or smelling garbage bins in your kitchen.

Extendable worktops

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

The extendable worktop is not a new concept but is now available with different options. Sliding kitchen countertop mechanism or pull out breakfast counters create an extra worktop space for your everyday kitchen errands. This kitchen gadget provides a purely aesthetic side, ensuring your kitchen remains a social space for the owner and guests.

Wicker basket

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

Wicker baskets create a traditional and stylish feature in your kitchen. A wicker basket base unit adds character to your kitchen and also offers lots of extra storage. These pull out baskets are perfect for your veggies, fruits, and breads. These wooden baskets also help you with extra space as they are large and durable. A unique and essential kitchen gadget to help you with the storage.

Here’s what some of our homeowners have asked us-

What are the benefits of a kitchen pantry?

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

A pantry is specifically designed to store food and other kitchen necessities. Incorporating a kitchen pantry will help you with your food organization. You can categorize and divide your kitchen needs and then can store them into the kitchen pantry. Kitchen pantries are often enclosed and work well with food preservation. Kitchen pantries also add value to your kitchen and help you to maximize your kitchen space.

What are the must-have kitchen gadgets?

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

Kitchen gadgets make your everyday chores easy and effortless. Today’s kitchens are nowhere near the basic traditional kitchens. With the modular kitchen technology, we have got all the specifications under one unit. Apart from the above-mentioned list, the latest and must-have kitchen gadgets to add to your collections are- wireless countertop chargers, wine chillers, a cutlery space, pull out mixers, corner tall units or a pantry.

What exactly are hinge cabinets?

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

Soft closing hinges are one of the greatest features for any kitchen and can be used in drawers and cabinets. These soft closing hinges allow doors or cabinets to close softly. The hinge pushes the door or the drawer back and acts when the drawer or the door is at 25 degrees of closure. It slows down the speed of the door and then closes it gently. These cabinets are soft and gentle, they are also kid-friendly and keep your content intact.

What other add-ons can I install in my modular kitchen?

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

An accessory as minute as a cylinder trolley can help you tons to get a functional kitchen. Kitchen add-ons could be anything like detergent racks, food foil cutters, knife racks and holders, chopping boards, cutlery trays, etc. They not only add efficiency to your kitchen but also make your kitchen activities a lot easier. Plus, economically, all these add-ons are accessible in just one single modular kitchen unit and you don’t have to spend an extra penny on them.

What are the primary benefits of a modular kitchen?

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

Modular kitchens are the future! These modern kitchens are highly effective and functional. These kitchens have plenty of benefits, starting from clever storage to automatic gadgets. Modular kitchens give your home a classy, elegant look and are designed to suit your lifestyle. These kitchens also come with plentiful appliances, accessories, and gadgets. They are the best solution when it comes to organizing your cooking space. You get extra cabinets, shelves, racks in different styles, sizes, materials, and colors. A modular kitchen can be disassembled, assembled or modified without any hassles.

What are your go-to kitchen gadgets? Let us know in the comment section below.

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