In the past years, a lot has changed with regards to our concept of home, furniture and decoration. One thing that still remains intact is “The Kitchen”. Kitchen is considered to be the heart of a home, and for good reason. It’s a place that brings families together after a busy day, it’s a place where you can relax enjoy a drink with a few friends, it’s a place where memories are made. Lately, everyone spends a lot of time in the kitchen, which has led to modular kitchens gaining a lot of popularity as compared to a traditional carpenter made kitchen.  Here’s a quick comparison of modular kitchens versus carpenter made kitchens.

Modular in nature: A trend that never goes out of style

Modular kitchen is one of the most emerging latest kitchen styles in today’s day and age. It consists of independent modules which are assembled together to form a complete kitchen. It comprises of drawers, cabinets and shelves organized in a manner that saves up on space. They are convenient in terms of organizing when you have limited space to work with. A key advantage of having a modular kitchen is, in case a particular module gets damaged, the damaged portion can easily be taken out and replaced unlike carpenter made kitchens. Traditional kitchens follow a traditional path, where the kitchen is fixed and no alterations can be made once it has been completed. If any changes have to be made in a carpenter made kitchen, the entire kitchen has to be redone. Another point to be kept in mind is, in case you decide to shift your residence in the future, a carpenter made kitchen cannot be dismantled and relocated to your new home, whereas a modular kitchen can be dismantled and reinstalled in your new home. This saves you the trouble of having to design and acquire a whole new kitchen altogether.

Preview: Look before you buy!

When you’re designing a modular kitchen with a distinguished and well renown brand, the brand ensures that they understand what your requirement is. Using their design expertise, they make sure that the kitchen is not just aesthetically appealing but also functional. This kitchen is built to cater to your lifestyle and your needs. Another key aspect about opting for a modular kitchen is the fact that the designers of the brand are able to show you a 3-D representation of how your kitchen would look in your home. It helps you visualize your kitchen in advance and if there are any changes you would like to make to the design in terms of colors or cabinet placements, you can always change it before the actual execution.

In case of a carpenter made kitchen, you would get to see your kitchen only after the completion of the whole project. In many cases you may not like the color or the layout and any change to this would add to a big cost.

Quality: Automated vs Manual

The quality of the a modular kitchen is defined by the processes of manufacturing, machines and tools used and finally the finishing of the product. A branded modular kitchen is made by following the best practiced processes, construction of cabinets by using top of the line machineries and tools. There is no manual work involved, which shows in the level of precision in the product. Hence, they not only add to the visual appeal, but also the quality and longevity of the product. Carpenter made kitchens are completely manually built, starting from the gluing of the laminate, the cutting of the board, right up to the edge banding. This adversely affects the durability and the longevity of the product, beside the unfinished look.

Raw material assurance: Get the best for your buck

The raw materials used are considered to be the backbone of all big modular kitchen brands. All well established brands of modular kitchens have their own trialed and tested technical specifications when it comes to raw materials used for manufacturing their product. These specifications are a result of years of research and testing. Most well renowned brands are extremely particular on using the best form of raw material and hardware as it can be a direct reflection of the brands quality. When taking into consideration a carpenter made kitchen, there is no consistency in finding the most suitable raw material. Moreover, they work with the material that is available at that point in the market and the clients budget perhaps. This can have a negative impact on the life and finish of a kitchen.

No price surprises: No hidden costs

A common misconception that most people have is that modular kitchens can empty your pockets out. However, this is not the case, virtual representations and materials used, allow well established brands to give you an estimate before the actual final execution of the kitchen. Whereas, carpenter made kitchens can give you a clue to the final costing only once they have completed the execution of the kitchen in your home. The customer has no real clue on how high the cost can go up to in this case. There are also instances where there are design errors in the kitchen which can lead to an increase in costing to fix them.

On-site work: Hassle free modular kitchens

When we look at a carpenter made kitchen, there is a lot of on-site work involved, where they will spend days or even months in your home, executing the kitchen. This can result in your home being a complete mess until the kitchen is completed as well as disturb the other interiors of the home. Modular kitchen brands complete all the manufacturing in their factory, only once the kitchen is ready to be installed in your home, will they be on site. During the installation time, there is no cutting or drilling involved, which means the work is clean and no mess is created. The cabinet fixing takes around 2-3 days followed by your counter top and appliance fixing which is a part of any form of kitchen.

After sales service: Knowing the difference between great service and service

The term after sales service basically refers to the service that is provided after a customer purchases a product. Most well-known modular kitchen brands provide services like guarantee, warranty, repair or replacement service. After sales service also encompasses the relationship that a brand or company has with the customer post the purchase of their product throughout the life cycle of the product or service. With carpenter made kitchens, it becomes a tedious task to bring them back to your home to fix anything in case of damage or repair.


All well-established modular kitchen brand provides a good warranty period for their products. Carpenter made kitchens have zero warranty, meaning, if there is any damage or faulty mechanisms, they are going to charge you to fix them, adding to your expenditure.

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