The kitchen is known as the heart of a home. So, when it comes to interiors the kitchen becomes an integral part.

Choosing between a modular kitchen and a carpenter made kitchen is not as easy as it seems. Both of them have certain pros and cons which hampers the decision.

So, in this article, you will find the pros and cons of modular and carpenter made kitchens that will help you in deciding the best one for your home.

How Modular Kitchens are different from Carpenter made kitchens?

Modular kitchen cabinets are made in a factory and then assembled at the site whereas a carpenter made kitchen is made by carpenters at the site. The carpenters use their traditional methods of woodworking.

Pros of a Modular kitchen

  • You will acquire perfect and precise dimensions with neat edges.
  • As factory work is quite fast, you get your kitchen on time.
  • No carpentry is done at the site.
  • You can easily dismantle and use it at another place.
  • Quality of the modular kitchen is always better than a carpenter made kitchen.
  • As far as the durability is concerned, you certainly get a kitchen which last for years than a carpenter made kitchen.
  • Whatever you see in the design, you get exactly the same modular kitchen.
  • As soon as you approve the plan and make the payments, your dream kitchen is getting made.
  • You won’t have to worry about step by step implementations or the stress of following up with multiple people.
  • you won’t be involved with the annoyance of implementation of work in the factory or at

Cons of Modular Kitchen:

  • When the layout choices are restricted, your kitchen will seem standardized.
  • Unless you choose a reputed company, you would not be able to get an assurance of the quality of the material used for the cabinet as they are not visible.
  • Prices are usually higher compared to a carpenter-made kitchen.

Pros of Carpenter Made Kitchen:

  • You get woodwork that’s custom made to your precise specifications and you won’t need to select from a catalogue.
  • You will be able to get custom-created heights and widths that would match well with your utensils or appliances.
  • You will have control on the standard & quality of wood, particularly if you’re managing the purchases yourself.
  • The price could be less than a modular kitchen, especially if you are able to get carpenters that are fair with their prices.
  • Customisation and adjustments are readily accommodated in kitchen.

Cons of Carpenter Made Kitchens

  • Timelines might not be maintained.
  • Prices can go haywire, as carpenters won’t tell you the specific costs at the beginning. There might also be many hidden costs that aren’t factored in originally.
  • The grade is based upon the abilities of the carpenters.
  • Finishes won’t be perfect and exact since the job is carried out by hand.
  • Some machine methods such as edge-banding, membrane finished shutters and so forth won’t be possible.
  • The cupboards can’t be reassembled everywhere, since they’re made for a specific area only.
  • When the construction is in progress, your neighbours may whine about the dust and noise.
  • Electricity connections and water for work on the site could end up being a hassle.
  • You might face issues with the carpenters if they are not supervised well, especially at the end of the day, you may have a big mess to clean.
  • You may have to stop the work if there is a baby in your house or your neighbour’s house.
  • There are time restrictions as well, hence the duration can be longer than expected.

There could be many more reasons, but overall to have peace of mind and timely delivery, it is always better to choose a modular kitchen brand.

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