The term modular kitchen means that your kitchen is made up of several modules or units. Modular Kitchens are designed to look organized as well as offer ample storage by optimizing the available space. A modular kitchen is a pre-constructed kitchen that needs to be assembled and installed in the assigned space.

Here are the top 5 accessories that are widely used.

Cutlery trays

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

An accessory which gained popularity is cutlery trays. It has compartments to hold everything from spoons, forks, knives, rolling pins and more in an organized manner. Cutlery trays are versatile, must have modular kitchen accessories for every home. This is a great way to do away with clutter and is especially handy when whipping meals in a hurry. The cutlery inserts are usually available in a variety of finishes to suit your preferences including metal, wood and PVC.

Corner solutions

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

Modular kitchen accessories like “corner solutions” have become a trend these days. Corner spaces in kitchens typically go unused, however usage of corner cabinets and pull outs that rotate beyond 90 degrees and fully retract into the back are a highly clever way of using this unused space especially in small kitchens, as they can be installed in both upper and lower cabinets making it a very efficient modular kitchen accessory.

Roller shutters

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

Roller shutters are a very widely used modular kitchen accessory. Roller shutters are highly efficient door systems which can be used in numerous options both horizontally and vertically. They ensure easy workability, smooth motion and unhindered access to the storage items. The aluminum versions of the roller shutter may not be the best in terms of design aesthetics. Good news is, in today’s modern interior designing scenario, this also comes in black and white glass finish, which is highly elegant and can also be operated electronically.

Detergent holder

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

Another frequently used modular kitchen accessory is the detergent holder. Everything required for dish-washing and cleaning can be easily stored in this and all within easy reach. The detergent holder is an excellent example of a creative application for the kitchen. This clever solution uses space directly below the sink for storage, a space that is otherwise often ignored.

Tall units.

Modular Kitchen | Wurfel Kuche

Tall units also fall under modular kitchen accessories, if space permits, this accessory is a must-have because it works as a pantry that is ideal for storing all regular food supplies like flour, dal, sauces and other things that do not perish easily. This accessory utilizes its height to enable maximum storage. It has storage on the doors and inside to keep everything organized and within easy reach.

Modular kitchens have revolutionized the way kitchens are used all over the world and the kitchen is one place where a lot of time and effort is spent daily in preparing the best nourishment for the family, when the space is organized well, cooking becomes an easier and pleasurable experience!

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