Your bedroom is your personal hideaway where you relax and enjoy your ‘Me’ time. Your bedroom vibe must help you feel comfortable, warm and quiet. So, curating the right décor and setting is not just a requirement but also a necessity. Bedroom light plays a major role in creating a positive, calm and soothing ambiance. Your light choice can either enhance the theme of your home or it can directly degrade the complete look.


So, brace yourselves to follow these 10 amazing ideas to brighten a dull room through decorative changes.





lights for bedroom

These traditional looking lanterns add a mysterious and exotic look to your room. Moroccan lanterns are made of tinted stained glass and rustic brass and are specially designed to hold candles or tea lights. The lights get filtered through the finely intricate metal-work and colored glass, creating a beautiful canopy.





pendant lights for bedroom

You can never go wrong with pendant lights. These lighting fixtures can be installed as a central fixture in almost any room. If you have a gallery wall in your bedroom, then highlighting it with a pendant light will definitely enhance the beauty of your room.




chandlier for bedroom

A crystal chandelier is a must-have décor to create a beautiful, dramatic effect in your room. A chandelier enhances the appearance of a room by emitting a soft and warm light. They are available in various types including glass, drum, candle, tiffany, neoclassical, industrial, etc.




wall decor lights

Scones are nothing but a lamp affixed to the wall. These lights are well suited for dining rooms and bedrooms. Installing a dimmed sconce in your bedroom will help you to easily set the lighting according to your mood. They are widely available in several themes, colors, designs and styles like lantern wall sconce, flush-mounted wall washers, candle sconces, etc.





lamps for floor

A tripod floor lamp is a perfect choice if you want to infuse a stylish yet quirky feel in your room. As the name suggests, the base of a tripod lamp is similar to a camera tripod, and the top lights are available in various styles and themes. You can easily adjust the height of the tripod according to your convenience.




Bulbs for hanging

Hanging bulbs look super cool and artistic if done correctly. These bulbs can be installed on the wall above the bed. It increases the glam of a room and creates a warm and casual ambiance. They work best in small and confined rooms.





sphere lights in bedroom

A sphere light, if added to the center of the room, can perfectly light the whole room. It can go well with any decor and adds a funky scheme to space. Lighten up your bedroom with these elegant, bright lights.






bedroom ceiling lamps

A flat ceiling lamp at the center of the room is just about the perfect look and style. These square-shaped flat lights are attached to the ceiling of the room, and the understated accent highlights the focus on the gold. They look unique and helps in creating a bright element in the room.




Recessed lights are very popular when it comes to creating a formal, warm and cozy decor. This lighting design adds a subtle dramatic effect to your room as well as to the ceiling. Different bulbs can be inserted to the fixture. Recessed lights when fitted appears to have light shining from the ceiling and creates a beautiful shadow effect.





These small, bedside lamps add a perfect decor for your bedroom. This lighting fixture adds a brilliant dim, shadowy effect making your room look more sophisticated. You can also use LED bulbs to lighten up your room and get a brighter and shiny effect.


Here’s what a few of our homeowners have asked us


How many lights should I put in my bedroom?

There’s no general rule on how many lights you should install in your bedroom. But your room light can really affect a person’s mind and mood. If you are someone who likes a bright and flashy setting, then there’s no limit to the number of lights. The number of lights also depends on the size of your room. If you have a large room, you can ideally pick 5-6 different lights. Always ensure that the lights you choose don’t affect the decor of your room. Too much light is not always necessary. For small and cozy bedrooms, opt for lights that will help you make your room look bigger.


Which is the best light for a bedroom?

Your bedroom ought to be the most comfortable room in your house. Your days begin and end here. So choosing the right elements for the bedroom is very important. When it comes to bedroom lighting, white and other neutral colors are a perfect blend of comfort and coziness. White light creates a soft and warm environment spreading positivity in your room. Also, one can never go wrong with a beautiful chandelier. They are authentic, decorative lights that add a royal look to your room.


How can I give a rustic, vintage look to my bedroom?

Apart from beautiful wood-work and rustic furnishing, there are plenty of features that can help you get the rustic vintage look. Go for hanging lamps or add more white lights to the setting. Try to keep things simple and light, make sure to go for colors that create a comfortable and positive frame.


How do I choose the best bedside lamp for my room?

Generally, white or off-white lampshades offer a great amount of light but today, the modern lamps are trending all over. Modern lamps add accent to your decor giving your room a fresh new finish. Drum shaped lights are on high demand but again, there are plenty of styles and designs available. You can now design your lighting depending upon the theme and tone of your bedroom.


Where exactly do I have to place the ceiling lights?

Ceiling lights are now available in various styles and designs. It is always advisable to place your ceiling lights at the center of the room to ensure that every corner gets enough luminosity. You can also go for a pendant or chandelier to add more light to your room.



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