The wardrobe is one of the most utilized space in your bedroom and is therefore one of the most important aspects of the bedroom. Hence, while designing the wardrobe, your lifestyle and your personality play a huge role.

Today’s homes have shied away from traditional designs, where the aesthetics was different and function paramount. Back in the day wardrobes and other furniture was simpler, more organic in purpose, made primarily of wood and homogenous in design.

Modern wardrobe designs are nothing like your traditional wardrobes. Modern wardrobes experiment with styles, textures and materials. They look trendy, stylish and elegant and most importantly reflect your personality.

Knowing what storage space you need, and how to fit this into the space you have, is vital to creating a room that works for you. Whether you’re a minimalist or your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, finding beautiful and appropriate storage solutions can help to maximize your space and make sure you get the most out of your belongings.

If you’re a business executive, the wardrobe tends to be extremely functional. One that is laid out, smart and easily accessible. Executives lead a fast-paced life and need a meticulously organized wardrobe where everything is readily accessible.

Dress codes would mostly include formal wear; business suits, skirts, and pantsuits that must be ironed to perfection and stored without creases. Long gone are the days when paintings would be restricted only to canvases or walls. When there was a predefined space for every element of design and decor.

Modern wooden wardrobe designs for bedrooms go beyond that today. They emphasize beauty through illustrations on the finish and represent art that you resonate with. Art is in the eyes of the beholder. Why not wake up to this every day of your life?

People who love owning expensive, luxurious things and are usually quite brand conscious. They also value the look of a product or object, a little more than its functionality.

These kinds of people tend to opt for extremely organized, streamlined storage spaces, and lots of them. Walk-in wardrobes with neat shoe closets are a dream for people with this personality.

Calm and a little laid-back, less stressed-out people tend to be very creative and love finding the easiest, quickest solutions to problems.

Uncomplicated, easy-to-reach and easy-to-spot storage options are ideal for these kind of people as these will help you quickly organize your bedroom with minimal effort.

Open shelves, low cabinets, sliding doors for wardrobes is the most suitable type pf wardrobe for this personality.

People who admire and appreciate the beauty in details are those need finer and more intricate wardrobes. They strive for originality and individuality in whatever they do, everything will have a story and some uniqueness attached to it.

They look for extremely organized storage, this means that not only should a drawer or a cabinet be neat and orderly, there needs to be proper sections for differently sized items.

It’s best to custom, make your storage cabinets so you have big to tiny sections inside it, for your clothes, socks, bags, jewellery etc

Introverted people like to keep to themselves. They are easily prone to stress and negative emotions and look to others for emotional support.

In their private lives, they are very organized. They are usually averse to change and can stay in the same job or home environment without making any changes. They love to hold on to old things and habits.

These individuals, too, hate clutter and messy areas and like to keep the home neat and clean. Since they are more private people, choose closed shelves and cabinets with ribbed or dark glass rather than open ones.

It is for the same privacy reasons that you would prefer wardrobes and cabinets that come with high tech locking systems.

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