Know how to bring life into your kitchen



Plants help clear the air in your kitchen from unhealthy, invisible toxins. Also, placing greenery and flowers fills it up with positivity, colour and provides a great decor to your kitchen.

Know how to live healthy and breathe healthy



Being healthy is not just about the food you eat, it’s also about taking care of your surroundings. Did you know that with E1 grade boards you can follow a healthy lifestyle? Other grade boards release toxic carbon emissions and create a non-healthy ecosystem.


Know how to get a scratch-free kitchen



Did you know a micro-fibre cloth can hold six times its weight in water! Whether it’s dust or grease, micro-fibre cloths can grab onto anything making them the perfect material to use for a sparkling kitchen.

Know how neutral color kitchen never go out of style

It is always better to have neutral colours like grey, white or beige in the kitchen because these colours are timeless classics that will always remain trendy.

Know how hood and countertop distance is important



Did you know that the distance of the hood from the counter top is an important distance for the optimal use of the hood. Yes for the best use, it should be minimum 700mm from the countertop.

Know how integrated handles make kitchen look sleek



Integrated handles are trendy and give kitchens a classy look. They are also safe as they cause no harm and make kitchens accident free


Know How Integrated handles make kitchens look clean and sleek



Integrated handles are trendy and give kitchens a classy look. They are also safe as they cause no harm and make kitchens accident free.

Know How to increase the storage capacity of your kitchen corners



The corners in the kitchen normally get wasted, but here is an innovative solution that makes the most use of every kitchen corner. Würfel uses these corner solutions to give you beautiful and efficient kitchens.

Know How Smart Swing Down Shelves allow easy access to top ends



Reaching to the top ends of the kitchen can be difficult. With Smart Swing Down Shelves, you can reach these ends with ease and create more space while your kitchen looks clean and sleek.

Know How Pantry storage is a great way to organise your kitchen



Having go-to breakfast items and lunchbox snacks like packaged oatmeal, breakfast bars, mini-bags of chips, juices, etc. in one place helps everyone at home save time. A pantry is a necessity to have a clean, organised kitchen!

Know How Floor-to-ceiling doors with an internal loft are always trendy



This contemporary styled wardrobe represents the height panning from the floor to the ceiling and comes with an internal loft that is not visible, hence lending a non-fussy, classy look!


Know How A Plain Coloured Kitchen With an Interesting Dado Grabs A Lot of Attention



The Dado is the space between the wall unit and the counter-top and is a great space for you to get creative.
Design the dado well with colours and patterns to make your kitchen look interesting.


Know How Organic Herbs Add a Natural Touch in Your Kitchen



Indoor herbs and plants can help reduce stress, air pollution and allergens within the home.


Know How Grey-Black Interiors Give a Formality that is Subtle Elegance Without Being Too Conservative



A beautiful shade of grey, in combination with white, creates an elegant, minimalistic look.


Know How Seamless Kitchen, Dining and Living Space is The New Trend



The kitchen is the heart of your home. Seamless living and dining spaces around the kitchen makes it more social.


Know How Mid-Landing Accessories are Typically Installed Between the Wall Unit and The Base Unit

Increase the storage space in your kitchen by using mid-landing accessories in the dado area. 


Know How Kitchen is the Heart of Every Home Where We Spend most of our Time


We spend around 12% of our lives in our kitchen! When it’s broken down, that’s an average of around 2.8 hrs a day in the kitchen. That’s another reason as to why having a kitchen that you like and enjoy being in is so important.


Know How to Keep your Kitchen Healthy

Keep your kitchen healthy – make sure you use separate boards for raw and cooked food. Always wash after use with hot soapy water. Also, glass boards are a lot more hygienic than wooden ones as they’re less likely to retain liquids.

Did you know, A Kitchen Sink has more germs than a bathroom?

Many of us think that the toilet is more prone to bacteria in our homes. But in reality, it is actually the place where vegetables and vessels are washed – The kitchen sink!
Did you know, this has over 100,000 times more germs than a bathroom. Let’s always ensure to maintain a clean kitchen sink.

Know How ketchup can keep your copper sparkling new

Want to keep your copperware sparkling as new? Dab some ketchup on a cloth and rub it all over your copper utensils. Rinse it in warm water and voilà.

Know How Alcohol Cleans Stainless Steel

Want to keep your stainless steel accessories and appliances sparkling like new? Pour some rubbing alcohol on cotton and rub it through them.


Do You Use Your Freezer to Preserve Herbs?

Freezing herbs can be a great way to keep them lasting long and have them ready immediately. A handful of fresh herbs from the garden is one of the simplest things to preserve in the freezer.


How do you find relief from hot chilly burns after chopping?

Rub a tablespoon of Olive Oil all over your hands, wait for a minute and then wash with soap and water. The olive oil helps dissolve the capsaicin in the chilly which is more soluble in oil than water.


What is the difference between Jam and Jelly?

Jam is a mixture of fruit, sugar, and sometimes pectin, which is used as a thickener. The biggest difference with jelly is it’s made with fruit juice instead of actual fruit.


Do You Know the Benefits of Boiling Vegetable?

Typically, vegetables that grow underground (beets, carrots, potatoes) should begin cooking in cold water. Vegetables that grow above ground (corn, peas, greens) should start the cooking process in boiling water.


Do You Know-Refrigerators Use Lot more energy than You Think?

Unplugging your refrigerator doesn’t mean saving on your electricity bills. Always ensure to keep the coils clean to prevent it from overworking and hire a professional to replace broken seals and conduct general maintenance.


Know How Drawer Inserts make it Easy to Sort Cutlery and Increase Accessibility?

Drawer inserts are the best way to keep your kitchen organized and efficient to use. Use them for your cutleries, accessories, spices etc. to make the best use of your modular kitchen.

Know How to make use of vegetable scraps instead of throwing them away?

Make use of vegetable scraps instead of throwing them away. Deep fry the peels of vegetables to make yummy crisps or even use as compost for plants.


Know How to Clean Your Toaster?

We all know how tedious it is to clean a toaster. To clean left over crumbs, use a soft toothbrush or microfiber cloth to gently remove them.

Know How Würfel Ergonomic Trays are Designed to Offer more Storage Area?

Function meets comfort. Würfel trays swing smoothly and effortlessly out of a corner cupboard. You get a clear view and easy access to every stored item.


Know How to Retain Nutrients of Root Vegetables

Root veggies like carrots, beets and turnips keep pushing energy into their leaves even after they’ve reached your house. Make sure to chop off the tops before storing them to keep the nutrients in the root.

Know Why to use Wooden laddle to cook in a Non-stick Pan

If you use a metal ladle, the metal absorbs the heat faster and may burn you. If you use a plastic ladle, it might melt because of high temperatures, so your best bet is to use a wooden ladle.

Know How to Remove grease from Burners

Burners can be a challenge to clean and scrubbing won’t work. Instead, soak them in a mild solution of liquid detergent and water and use a toothbrush for declogging the pores.

Know How El-Lucido Kitchens are Eco-friendly

The El Lucido is an exclusive finish created out of eco-friendly raw materials. The finish is hand-applied to get a rustic and earthen kitchen. The El Lucido kitchen is available in all colours.

Know How to Keep your Tomatoes Fresh

Storing tomatoes in the fridge will stop them from ripening and also make their flesh dry and mealy.

Know how to add charms to your living room corner

Make any empty corner of your home stand out in elegance with these majestic beauties. Armchairs add yesteryears charm to any modern space.

Know how to bring together the best of old and new

Bringing together the best of old and new. A mix of modern pieces and antiques never tires. Create a beautiful room in your house with this tip.

Know how tiles can co-exist beautifully with solid spaces

Using beautiful tiles on your kitchen dado helps create a lively pattern in the space and also exhibits how tiles can co-exist beautifully with solid spaces.

Know how brass and copper handles help kill a range of harmful microbes

An accented handle to a room is what a diamond is to a ring. These beautifully painted handles add an artistic touch to any ordinary space.

Know how you can use different materials for island and hanging counter

A built-in banquette, an instant gathering space – Call it what you want but the most beautiful kitchens are where the most beautiful conversations happen, and that is why the breakfast counter is an essential in every kitchen. 

Know how natural elements make the kitchen eco-friendly

Any style can be made yours! This week, let’s start with Contemporary. Simple in its design, using only modern materials that contribute to its exhilarating look and feel. The perfect example of a contemporary design, made from beautiful slabs of marble, we present to you the “marbelous” Parthenon Kitchen.

Know how Jaali work can be used in dividers to create patterns & dramatic effects

As we continue with our exclusive series, today we are showcasing Contemporary-Modern styles. A style that defines different periods of time and is a beautiful amalgamation of older and current ideas. The Scilla is an architectural piece to marvel on. The signature jaali work is the highlight of this theme.

Know how to highlight the look of your retro interior

When we talk about exclusivity and trends, retro takes the first place. This is a style that relies heavily on vintage elements and the Ruhae shows just that. Free from clutter and chaotic colour schemes, it highlights a sense of calm. The sofa exhibits heavy padding reflecting artisanal craftsmanship.

Know how to use minimal designs and furniture to make your room look bigger

Open spaces, fuss-free silhouettes, essential hues and shades. The exclusive Edifice wardrobe in its most subtle form exudes minimalism. The Edifice features external drawers that help in ease of usability of the wardrobe. The white poly lacquer adds an ethereal feel to the space.


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