The Peninsular Nano Finish

If the name hasn’t intrigued you yet, the shape of this kitchen is sure to! The Peninsular Nano finish kitchen is a very unique kitchen that will leave any person flabbergasted! This kitchen layout is not your everyday ordinary design, it comes in a T shaped design. The T shaped kitchen design basically use one side of a wall like a linear kitchen but with a centralized island attached to it, mimicking a peninsular shape. The countertop of the linear kitchen branches off into an eat-in island table with a hob on one side of the island. Have we caught your attention yet?

The Peninsular Nano finish as its name suggests has a nanotechnology finish. For those of you who are new to this type of finish, here’s what it means! Nanotechnology is a revolutionary new surface in our showroom, it’s not paint, it’s a Nano technology based surface that is “self-healing” to help increase the life expectancy of the cabinet finishes. Cabinets are used daily, and typically we want them to last for a very long time. So, for those of you who fret about the wear and tear of your cabinets, this is an ideal finish for you to consider.

Would you categorize yourself as a social butterfly? If so, this kitchen would be the perfect addition to your home! The Peninsular Nano finish kitchen is a social kitchen design, built keeping this in mind! Since it has an island that branches out from the main counter top, it gives you the perfect platform to entertain your guests whilst preparing a meal for them. So, while they enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of coffee or tea, you can be right by their side without missing a thing!

This kitchen design creates extra workspace, storage and seating space, is there anything more you can ask for! The kitchen cabinets are scratch proof with a nano finish in beige color combined with synchronized laminate. The attached island portion of the kitchen comes with a decorative hood that adds a sleek and chic look to the kitchen. The kitchen is also equipped with spotlights on the wall unit, spot lights give a modern fresh look to the kitchen. It illuminates the little jars or any other sort of trinkets you would place on the counter to add a splash of colour to the kitchen.

The wall units and the open shelves in the Peninsular Nano finish kitchen are made of synchronized laminate. As a bonus, this kitchen is perfect for the bookworm in you! It comes with a bookshelf that you can store all your favourite recipe books or any light reading. The dado comes in a lighter shade to the synchronized laminate wall units there by accentuating the wall units and the bookshelf.

The countertop on the island section of the kitchen comes with an inbuilt brass burner hob that is very convenient and prevents the kitchen surface from looking cluttered. In-built appliances are considered mandatory for modular kitchens these days as they make life more comfortable and easier. They are hassle free and easy to maintain! Even though brass burners don’t heat up as fast as aluminum burners, the advantage of brass is that it provides superior heat retention. Brass burners can distribute heat more evenly.

So, if this hasn’t got you inquisitive enough about this unique kitchen design, we don’t know what will! Come on over and check out our Peninsular Nano finish kitchen at the Würfel Küche showroom!